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Blaugust Day 28 and 29

What I Liked About LOTRO

A look back at some of my favourite features from the game back when I played it a few years ago.

Wildstar's Update Schedule

Why do MMOs keep changing their update schedule so soon after launch?

Blaughust Day 26

Amazon To Buy Twitch

Some non-insights on the potential sale of Twitch TV to Amazon.

Blaughust Day 24+25

Evochron Mercenary and Space Sims

Some views on Evochron Mercenary and space sims in general.

Tomb Raider

My initial experiences with Tomb Raider.

Blaughust Day 23

Shroud of The Avatar

I give a few initial impressions of Shroud of the Avatar.

Blaughust Day 22

Mass Defect

Where I complain about my inability to love Mass Effect.

Blaughust Day 21

Gaming Questionnaire

In which I take Jasyla from Cannot be Tamed's questionnaire.

Blaughust Day 20

Gaming Update

An update on what I'm currently playing.

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Blaughust Day 18

We Don't' Need You Anyway

A belated article about LOTRO no longer designing raid and, effectively, PvP content.

Blaughust Day 17

The Future is Niche

Some thoughts on the encouraging development of smaller scale niche MMOs.

Blaughust Day 16

Blaugust: The Halfway Point

Some reflections on my experiences during Blaugust.

Blaughust Day 15

Limbs Repair Station

About a free browser game from a cyberpunk game jam.