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Male, 34 years old, lives in Hamburg, Germany


Hello TAW,


As many of you are aware, in early 2014 The Art of Warfare incorporated into a not-for-profit company. A Board of Directors was created to help maintain and improve TAW. This group wants to solicit feedback directly from the membership to help steer organizational improvements and opportunities.


The feedback is being gathered in the form of a SWOT analysis. This stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This may sound complicated, but it is as simple as recording the answers to four questions. They are open ended responses, allowing you to talk about any aspect of TAW that you want. If you choose to respond to the form, please take some time to narrow down to a single answer. This can be very hard, but it will help us know what is most important to you!


When all the responses have been recorded, the Board and Senior Leadership of TAW will be able to group the responses and share with everyone what we have learned. The responses will help to steer the discussions of this group as we work to make TAW stand apart as the best online gaming community in the World!…


Thank you!



Commander in Chief


The HAWK Division would like to extend an open invitation to all TAW members to participate in their Hawken Community Tournament.


Hawken is a Free-to-Play FPS Mech shooter game that you can download through Steam. The [HAWK] Division runs Battalions worldwide in North America, Europe and Oceanic regions.


So drop by and play a game at one of the mandatories - or show up to an optional training event and learn to be a better player.


Looking forward to seeing many non [HAWK] Division players help represent TAW in this community Tournament so grab your free copy of the game.


See you out there on the battlefield, pilot!


The links for full details and registration are below……


The latest edition of the TAW newsletter has been released! This edition focuses on the people of TAW. Check it out at


SOCOP is currently making a TAW Recruiting video which will be uploaded on youtube, where we will be promoting our games!


This is where we would like to ask every division for a little contribution.


We need some awesome clips or footage of your games. Record something cool!

(Please stick to the following requirements)


1: 5 to 15 seconds of recording or clip. "of something awesome"

2: Quality footage of course!

3: No commentary or music. Everything is taken care of.

4: Disable gamechat.

5: Raw footage.


When you have something you want to promote your game with, send the clips to, or link him a dropbox link.


In case of any questions, join us on TeamSpeak in the SOCOP channel and we can have a little chat.


HAWKEN Div, 2nd Btln had a blast playing with the devs last week, check out the blog post (and some ingame recordings) by their CO Pastorius here:…

Hawken - playing with devs #1
Skip to 2:35 for the actual match ;-)
  • Sep 30, 2014, 11:43:14 PM

Nice Job Guys


Make sure to check out the TAW Minecraft UHC (Ultra HardCore) event on, all weekend long! Don't forget to follow our twitch channel for further events.



UHC 1: Friday April 18th 19:00 BST / 14:00 EST

UHC 2: Saturday April 19th 15:00 BST / 10:00 EST

UHC 3: Saturday April 19th 19:00 BST / 14:00 EST

UHC 4: Sunday April 20th 15:00 BST / 10:00 EST





Yes, that's right, it's time for more Minecraft UHC! Over this coming weekend (18th-20th April) the TAWcraft server will be hosting not one, not two, but four Ultra HardCore events! If you missed out last time around - then this is your chance to get in the game and experience the challenge, suspense and excitement for yourself.


These events are being run as part of a weekend-long recruitment drive, so there are no advance sign-ups this time - but it's open to anyone inside or outside TAW - and you should expect to be meeting and playing alongside both current TAW members and non-members during the events. The events will be a great opportunity to show other Minecraft players what a friendly community we are here in TAW.


There will be 40 slots available for each game and we will be prioritising non-members - pairing them up with members of TAW to make sure everyone has as good an experience as possible. In general we will allocate places on a first-come, first-served basis - so please turn up early if you want to take part. Join the 'UHC Weekend' channel, in TeamSpeak (under VII Corps, Minecraft, Events) 20 minutes before any of the following event times