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Female, lives in Seattle, United States


PAX Blog 1: On Getting Into Character (Blaugust 25) #cosplay #paxprime

Soultamer Gaming: PAX Blog 1: On Getting Into Character (Blaugust 25)
There's this ritual that I have whenever I cosplay that I use to get myself into character - especially on the …

PAX Hype! Don't worry, still super excited even with what happened. #peopledoingpanel #PAXPrime #PAX #Blaugust

Soultamer Gaming: People Doing Panel: A Story of Lost Hype [Blaugust 24]
A week or so ago, the Guidebook for PAX Prime was released to the App Store (and therefore, the world). PAX …

Still plugging ahead... #Blaugust

Soultamer Gaming: On Time (And That I Don't Have Any) [Blaugust 23]
Time is a wonderful, cherished thing. I take it seriously, waking up early and staying up late out of near …

Let's play catch-up. Number 22!

Soultamer Gaming: Things I'm Going To Do At PAX [Blaugust 22]
Let's play catchup, one post at at time. I'm dedicating this week to all sorts of PAX Prime hype, from my …

Finishing the vest for my Wilson cosplay!

Soultamer Gaming: Painting the Vest for the Wilson Cosplay [Blaugust 21]
As I desperately try to catch up on Blaugust, I'll be posting a little more about my cosplay for PAX as …

I continue my #PAXPrime #cosplay!

Soultamer Gaming: Cosplay: Styling the Wilson Wig [Blaugust 20]
Stormy and I have created a name for ourselves. What, what do you mean you took that figuratively? Quite …

Moar #GW2!

Soultamer Gaming: [Blaugust 19] Continuing to Adore #GW2
It's not often that I don't have that many screenshots to post. Normally, I take about 10-20 screenshots per …

I'm loving GW2 so far! :D

Soultamer Gaming: [Blaugust 15] Guild Wars 2, Zeroth Impressions
Eleven days after the post where I asked for MMO suggestions, I received a lot of praise on both my comments …