Maybe "I don't like my gnome" is a bit too strong to express the lack of connection I feel towards my character. I find her cute and it's fun to be a tiny thing running arround healing, but for now I feel her almost like a stranger to me. This can seems a detail for many, but this is something that greatly bother me and make me feel very "meeeh" when I see her on my character selection screen.

Elloa between Fizzpop and Serleen

I was affraid to race change my precious priest when I did. I did because it felt like it was a nice project to reconnect to World of Warcraft together with my boyfriend as we both started to lose interest in the game at that time. We had this crazy gnome parteh with @Aeyvi and @Vordt.Ororyu hanging out in the Goldshire Inn with several other gnomes ; @Sharlena had just race changed her warrior as gnome and Fredrik's main character was his gnome. So it felt like it would be cool to add one more gnome to the gnome crew and pretend to slowly convert Whitestar in a gnome guild. Well, you know, just for fun and tease @Cornilius @Agagor @LunaDra and @Savian.
But in the end, there were no gnome crew I was ever part off, @Internet is changing main character for a draenei, and instead of fun, laughter and friendship, the few memories I associate to my gnome are rather unpleasant things I'd like to leave behind and forget.

I would like to start anew and reconnect with my priest. Love her again. Feel happy when I see her. Feel like it's a part of myself. Like she had been so many years.

My priest is my most precious character. My eternal main, because I've knew so many things with her. In game memories, and real life emotions that had been life changing for me. This priest is a real extension of myself, a true avatar of who I'm. There is no other character I feel more connected to, even not in The Elder Scrolls Online (which is a game I love a lot more than World of Warcraft today).

I started her in Vanilla-WOW when I decided to switch from the frenchspeaking server to the international ones. The best idea I ever had.

Elloa Silversky along one of her expedition

Elloa Silversky, the first identity of my priest, was a melancholic night elf that mourned her betroyed, a druid that did not awaken with the others. She became the High Priest of the Darnassus Sentinels, and toke vows to stay pure and virgin to take care of her people. She obviously fall in love with one of her soldier but never broke her vows. Drove by sadness and despair, she lost herself in her research to discover if the Kaldorei truely came from the ancient Trolls that drank the water of the Eternity Well. She started many expeditions to explore the trolls ruins in every part of Azeroth and ended by being truely convinced than the night elves decended from the Trolls, and to find back their immortality the Kaldorei people needed to get back to their roots: the voodoo. She went alone on the Echo Islands to recieve her initiation from a local Mam'bo.

It's also with her that I started to raid for the first time. From the hardcore roleplayer, I was, I started to be more and more interested into raiding and enjoyed to heal in Zul Gurub, Molten Core and An'Qiraj.It has been great time, and I was a good healer. I also made a very good friend @Aegis_Nor

But mostly, it's with her I played through whole Wrath of the Lych King in a guild lead by the father of my kids "Wardens". I had my little dungeon group to farm heroics with @Sharlena and @Internet (that were together at that time). It's with her I met @Alakina. Ooh good time! This was so much fun! I was organizing the raids, and we did great. Satharion and 3 drakes, then Ulduar and some hardmodes. To finish with The Trial of the Crusaders, normal and heroic mode.
And finally, it's with her I find true love!!! I was healing @Internet instead of the tanks, and he was never dying! <3 With her I went through the most happytime of my life, and through though times aswell, before to start a new life. Transfered her on Defias Brotherhood, made her the twin of Fredrik's priest, and we founded Whitestar.

The twin priestess Eledeza and Elenoza organising the tournament.

Later, we transfered to the Horde, to raid in Luminous Path, the guild of @Savian. We transformed our priestesses into undead twins: Elzbeth and Earina. I wrote a story about them. They were crazy twins that had a twisted, unbreakable affection for each others.

Elzbeth and Earina before they turned undead.

We worked for weeks on the Lych King kill, but we never killed it in the end (and this is why I'll never kill him, I want my character to not have the achievement). Then my priest toke some rest to leave place to another character I hold dear to my heart: Elloa, the draenei shaman.

I created Elloa, my shaman, after an argument with Fredrik regarding the races we would play in Cataclysm. He really wanted to play Worgen while I really wanted to play a goblin. To show my good will, during the night of my 31 birthday, I created my draenei shaman. And later, we resurected Whitestar.
I wrote a very deep, and dramatic story for my shaman. A draenei story, filled with pain, devotion, wisdom, a story long of ten thousand years.

Elloa and her friend Sidori

I'm speaking about my shaman, because I always wanted to play her past, before the sack of Shattrah.

Elloa was an anchorite with a high connection to the light, devoted to her commune, organising "well being" workshop and taking care of everyone. Then she toke part in the defence of Shattrah during the bloodlust, saw her poeple fall, and had been griefly injuried. She survived though, but lost the connection with the Light. She was persuaded to be broken, despite no physical signs proving her right. She didn't realised that she was not cursed with the touch of the Burning Legion, but only by her own guilt, and lack of self confidence. She lived in the Zangarmarch and was initiated by Nabundo to the shamanism. She fled Draenor with her commune, and survived the crash of the Exodar. Along her 10 thousand years of existance, she saw more than 80 percent of her poeple being massacred and wiped out. Survivor of the genocide. Once on Azeroth, she decided to move on, transcend her pain, and discover the new world she landed on. That's how she met Alakina Aisling, one of the last Whitestar heroes.
You can read her story here Elloa, a draenei fate

Elloa when she was a happy and dedicated anchorite on Draeneor

I'm not very sure about what I'm going to do. I don't want to waste money on this, but in the same time feeling disconnected with your most precious character is not fun. I've done a big mistake when I race changed my character. Now, I feel disconnected with the game aswell.

While I adore The Elder Scrolls Online and would be happy to only play that game, I still play World of Warcraft for few reasons.

  • The most important is to play a game with my boyfriend. Back in september, we decided World of Warcraft would be our game to play together, as we have different playstyle and sometimes have difficulties to adjust and play a game together for long. Atleast, with World of Warcraft, we would have the game where we met to fal back and enjoy ourselves like in the past.
  • Second reason is that I like to be part of all guilds in Whitestar. Not to supervise, but to keep a contact with everyone and by doing so maintain the unity within our diversity. Kepe our community together.
  • Third, there is the nostalgia factor. WOW is my oldest game, and it's a game that had been so entertwinned with my real life, that it's part of me, as much as my old shool, or my childhood hollidays.
  • And lastly, I love to heal in raid. I really enjoy that, and no games offer a raiding experience like World of Warcraft does.

So I want to continue to like the game, to be interested in it. And for that I need to recognise my character as an extension of myself. I can choose to keep the gnome as a gnome, and hopefully build up nice memories with her. I can give her back her first form, despite the character revamp, I still can make her close enough to what she looked like. Or she can become my shaman past, when she was still a happy draenei filled with hopes for the future.