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Female, 46 years old, lives in Warszawa, Poland

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@mazza surprising myself, @Xera and Raven in Mists. Extraordinary!

A pig? And a dancing star? Only in Eorzea!
  • Jun 27, 2016, 1:26:37 AM

Don't worry, i have my formal dress (somewhere) :-P

  • Jun 27, 2016, 5:01:00 PM
  • Jun 27, 2016, 5:23:36 PM


Sinlea wrote

So I've finished Battlefleet Gothic: Armada story mode (just in time for Witcher 3 expansion, whee!). I've been quite vary of this title but after nearly 30 hours I must admit that my doubts have been misplaced.


It's not a game for everyone - learning curve is steep, tutorial insufficient and difficulty - even on normal, had I not abused saves and resets a lot, I was headed straight for utter failure and bad ends galore. It is rough around the edges - sometimes AI goes crazy or graphics glitch a bit but all in all those are very minor annoyances.


However, if you are willing to learn you are presented with plethora of options. Customizing my fleet to find out optimal setup for my playstyle took a while but was very, very satisfying in the end. As I got to know my foes, their strengths and weaknesses, and developed appropriate strategies my battles turned for struggle to joy.


I can see myself coming back frequently for skirmish mode, to enjoy other fleets (including upcoming Space Marines and Tau dlcs), as those random battles are just flat out satisfying once you figure them out.


Bonus point for phenomenal graphics (especially Imperial Navy is just breathtaking), top quality voice acting (it fits perfectly in W40k game) and very clever campaign. Retelling events of 12th Black Crusade while giving player flexibility of choice (and consequences), as well as adding certain gravity to defeats gives it quite a replayability potential - even more so if you are crazy to do it on ironman mode (as in - no saves/reloads). Will you outdo the Imperium or lead Gothic sector to its bitter end?


For the Emperor! Those are good times for Warhammer fans, be it fantasy or 40k :)