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Male, 33 years old


The zombies are coming! Low on bullets and boxed in. This is where the true badasses rise up and fight. I might die a couple of times but nothing is gonna keep me down! Not even a horde of the undead!

Resident Evil 2 [Rookie BadAss]
My new Patreon page: I thought I would be safe from all the zombie out …

The aliens are coming after me, and to top it all there are now androids. This is now a kill or be killed situation

Alien Isolation (Hack the System)
My new Patreon page: I only got this far because of Axel: he knew his way …

What do you do when you are running for your life and suddenly you are faced with a truth so shocking that it shakes your whole being? Are you brave enough to find out?

Soma [We are Robots]
My new Patreon page: It is hard to stay alive in an underwater facility …

It was supposed to be a normal first day for rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy. Who would have thought that the freaking zombie apocalypse came to town! it is kick-ass time!

Resident Evil 2 [Welcome to Racoon CIty]
My new Patreon page: Playing the demo was like dipping my feet in strong …

People are desperate and willing to kill in this space station. It won’t be easy to survive, specially since there is a killer roaming around. question is: will I find the killer first or will it find me?

Alien Isolation [Silent Killer] Part 3
My new Patreon page: Desperation has pushed the survivors in this space …

A classic zombie blast from the past Remake! Leon S. Kennedy has always been a awesome. Now join me in this teaser demo of how he became a zombie kicking overall Bad-Ass!

Mr Mistery plays Resident Evil 2 (Demo)
My new Patreon page: It has been ages since I joined Leon S. Kennedy to …

Trapped underwater, still no idea how to go home. I need to stay strong to survive, specially since there is making the robots go crazy, and I fear when I have to face that evil. Are you brave enough?

Soma [Not Allowed to Die] Part 4
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There is is something lurking in the shadows. So many threats in this Space station. Some don't want me to leave. Others want to kill me. Question is: will they get me before I get them first?

Alien Isolation [Spooky Space Station] Part 2
What the heck did I get myself into?! There is something seriously wrong in this space station and no …

Spooky underwater base, murderous robots, human mind in robot body... that place sounds like the perfect vacation destination of horror! It ain't for the faint of heart that's for sure.

Soma [Ghost in the Shell] Part 3
This game is really freaky! no matter what I do, it pushes me to make decisions that make me look messed up in …

It is on right now! I am live in my channel playing Killing Floor 2. Come and check out all the bloody action and fun!

MrMistery plays Killing Floor 2
First try at streaming. I hope you enjoy it

It was supposed to be a simple mission: go in, get the information, explore, get out. But when tragedy strikes we get to see who will rise up for the challenge! It doesn't help that there is a killer around here, waiting, stalking...

Alien Isolation [When Tragedy Strikes] Part 1
It was supposed to be a simple mission: check signs of Ripley's mother and get the information we were tasked …

It all started as a seemingly normal brain scan. A man plagued by a tragedy in his past will seek help, only to be transported to be transported somehow to a research facility deep underwater where something horrible happened

Soma [The Brain Scan] Part 1
As the first video starting the revamping of my channel I think it hit the mark. I wanted to try a good horror …
SirMrMistery wrote

Before they were complete nerds, but now they will have to grow a pair because destiny has chosen them to be the heroes of this strange land full of magic, odd creatures and wonder

Doom & Destiny [Initial Fantasy]
Before we were going through child's play. The true adventure starts now! We are the heroes that this land has …

I want through many deaths, and lots of raging, but I am finally at the end! I am finally Facing Neo Cortex and Uka Uka in a battle for the ages!

Crash Bandicoot Warped [The Final Ending]
it has lead to this everyone. I have finally reached the top bosses: N Neo Cortex and Uka Uka. they have …

I am so ready to kick this game's bullocks. it hasn't been easy but it sure was nostalgic. I am an a nostalgic SOB ready to teach the top boss a lesson.

Crash Bandicoot Warped [Star Crash]
I have decimated every level I have come a cross. Every Boss has fallen before me. I am that much closer to N …