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in my quest for vengeance I did certain things I am not proud off. so many people are dead, but in this final episode of my dishonored 2 series, it will all be necessary to set things right!

Dishonored 2 [Da Final Ending]
Countless left dead in my path and vengeance in my eyes. I was betrayed so I need to set things right, …

I thought I was but a simple boy in a mysterious land far away from home, but now I got a mission: to save this world from descending into ultimate darkness! My Butt and I are on the case!

OneShot [The Quest for MyButt]
Subscribe to my channel here: At first I thought …

Taking a trip around the world can be expensive. Don't you worry so sit down, strap in and enjoy the ride through different dimensions from the comfort of your own home!

(VR) Minecraft Multidimensional Roller Coaster
Have you ever wanted to take an epic trip but you didn't know where to go? well then allow me to take you on …

From medieval times to riding an awesome tiger, the adventure of our furry friend continues. stay tuned because the bosses will just keep getting better and better

Crash Bandicoot Warped [Australian Menace]
From medieval times to riding an awesome tiger, the adventure of our furry friend continues. stay tuned …

Do you like the thrill of roller coasters? do you like the epicness of Minecraft? Do you also like amazing 360 degrees Videos? Well I have a big treat for you as you will get to ride and enjoy this coaster in a whole new way

Minecraft Golden RollerCoaster VR
Epic 360 degree Minecraft Videos are back! this time I bring you an exciting ride on the Golden Roller …

When a brave boy wakes up in a strange land ravaged by disaster, he will be engulfed in an adventure like no other as many lives will depend on him. The adventure starts now!

OneShot [Like A Dream]
A new adventure starts in an unknown land far away from home. Niko wakes up with no idea where he is but he is …

She took Emily's father and orchestrated a coup that left many dead. Now it is time to hit her where it really hurts: Destroying the source of her immortality once and for all! Dishonored 2 rocks!

Dishonored 2 [Souless Woman]
After so long I have finally done it: not only I found out the dreaded secret of Delilah's immortality, but I …

Not everyone can become a great assassin, but a great assassin can come from anywhere. But will that be enough to beat the big boss and set things right? tune in to the latest epic episode to find out

Dishonored 2 [High Bounty]
Being badass is not something that just happens. it is a skill that you develop and perfect as you go. my …

There ain't no lava mountain high enough, there ain't no underwater level low enough, there ain't no boss level hard enough to make Crash Bandicoot quit!

Crash Bandicoot Warped [Tiny Boss]
I have just beat the first levels and I am ready to face the dreaded boss of this area. He sure looks menacing …

Walkers have taken the streets and people are dying by the minute. It doesn't help that the family bonds are weakening.I need all the help I can get If I am to survive the apocalypse.

Walking Dead A New Frontier [Fixer Upper]
The undead have no fear. They don't sleep and the never rest. some would say it is impossible to survive, but …

The evil Uka Uka has beed let loose. Crash Bandicoot and the other heroes realize that this may be an even bigger challenge that they have ever faced. They are no cowards all of us together will defeat this mask and save the world

Crash Bandicoot Warped [Remastered Beginning]
A true blast from the past. the old version of this game was indeed the very first let's play on my channel …

The Dead is still walking, and we have an entire town against us. But we are family, and family sticks together. This game plays with your emotions and in these last episodes there will be tears. that I promise.

Walking Dead [A New Frontier] The Beginning of the End
I tried to do the right thing. I tried to save people. But in the end I was betrayed. My decisions will come …

The Neather, a dungeon, the end... so many places to explore, so little time. My Minecraft sense of adventure is always ignited, and tonight I am heading into the danger zone.

Minecraft [NEW ADVENTURE] I am out!
I always have plans to make things even better. I build and I explore but it is always fun to find something …

After humiliating my enemy I am ready to finish things up here and continue with my adventure. My enemy is more powerful than I thought but new info that I found might help me... but at a hefty price.

Dishonored 2 [Ep 16] Running like a Chicken
I was finally able to de-power the witch that was giving me so much trouble. now I am ready to do finish …

The walking Dead is a game that really messes with you. I have made many choices I ain't proud of but they all have lead me to this point. Many people have died already, but what will I be willing to do to same my own.

Walking Dead [A New Frontier] Betrayal
Family must stick together. In this great adventure I made many choices that I am not exactly proud of, and …