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It is on right now! I am live in my channel playing Killing Floor 2. Come and check out all the bloody action and fun!

MrMistery plays Killing Floor 2
First try at streaming. I hope you enjoy it

It was supposed to be a simple mission: go in, get the information, explore, get out. But when tragedy strikes we get to see who will rise up for the challenge! It doesn't help that there is a killer around here, waiting, stalking...

Alien Isolation [When Tragedy Strikes] Part 1
It was supposed to be a simple mission: check signs of Ripley's mother and get the information we were tasked …

It all started as a seemingly normal brain scan. A man plagued by a tragedy in his past will seek help, only to be transported to be transported somehow to a research facility deep underwater where something horrible happened

Soma [The Brain Scan] Part 1
As the first video starting the revamping of my channel I think it hit the mark. I wanted to try a good horror …

Before they were complete nerds, but now they will have to grow a pair because destiny has chosen them to be the heroes of this strange land full of magic, odd creatures and wonder

Doom & Destiny [Initial Fantasy]
Before we were going through child's play. The true adventure starts now! We are the heroes that this land has …

I want through many deaths, and lots of raging, but I am finally at the end! I am finally Facing Neo Cortex and Uka Uka in a battle for the ages!

Crash Bandicoot Warped [The Final Ending]
it has lead to this everyone. I have finally reached the top bosses: N Neo Cortex and Uka Uka. they have …

I am so ready to kick this game's bullocks. it hasn't been easy but it sure was nostalgic. I am an a nostalgic SOB ready to teach the top boss a lesson.

Crash Bandicoot Warped [Star Crash]
I have decimated every level I have come a cross. Every Boss has fallen before me. I am that much closer to N …

Child's play is over! This world is in a more dire situation than I thought and it all rides on Niko's and my shoulders to get the new sun to the tower and set things right.

Let's Play OneShot [True Savior]
I am not playing anymore. This world is decaying and people's lives are at stake. I need to get the sun on top …

These friends are good at 2 things: playing D&D and kicking ass. Now they need to use their skills for both to be able to survive

Doom & Destiny [Dungeon Of Doom]
A true dungeon adventure is at hand. 4 Nerd friends are armed with their wits and whatever they can find along …

Time for me and Crash to bust and beat this level before the robot minions beat and bust my nuts

Crash Bandicoot Warped [Tomb Buster]
I ain't letting a few punny levels stop me and crash from reaching the top boss and setting things right! …

Hogwarts school go magic and wizardry has gotten a revamped minecraft look! enjoy this beautiful minecraft map with a vr look and amazing graphics.

(VR) Minecraft Hogwarts - School of Magic and Wizardry (Harry Potter)
Hogwarts School is a truly magical place full of mystery, secrets, danger and great beauty. Center place of …

A dying world has called out to me to be their hero. I have in my hands the means to save everyone but it is easier said than done. from kid to hero, i will save everyone!

Let's Play OneShot [It's Alive!]
It feels like my adventure is never-ending. but at least now I am in the right track. I am so close to …

What do you get when you combine 4 nerd friends, and epic adventure, video game references and adult jokes! you get the first episode of my epic new let's play!

Doom & Destiny [Adventure Nerds]
What do you do when you are a total nerd that get's sucked in into a magical adventure with monsters, …

The light of this world is slowly fading, same with the hopes of the people. Niko is not of this world but He and I won’t rest until the new sun is back on top!

Let's Play OneShot [Fallen World]
I didn't choose to come to this world but now I will stay until everyone is safe and the sun is restored. …

People know that I like a good challenge, but this Crash Bandicoot Water level proved to be an even bigger challenge than I thought. Difficult? yes. Impossible? No Way!

Crash Bandicoot Warped [Water Level From Hell]
A new area, a new me. I thought this game was going to be an easy classic but it had something up its sleeve: …

in my quest for vengeance I did certain things I am not proud off. so many people are dead, but in this final episode of my dishonored 2 series, it will all be necessary to set things right!

Dishonored 2 [Da Final Ending]
Countless left dead in my path and vengeance in my eyes. I was betrayed so I need to set things right, …