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These friends are good at 2 things: playing D&D and kicking ass. Now they need to use their skills for both to be able to survive

Doom & Destiny [Dungeon Of Doom]
A true dungeon adventure is at hand. 4 Nerd friends are armed with their wits and whatever they can find along …

Time for me and Crash to bust and beat this level before the robot minions beat and bust my nuts

Crash Bandicoot Warped [Tomb Buster]
I ain't letting a few punny levels stop me and crash from reaching the top boss and setting things right! …

Hogwarts school go magic and wizardry has gotten a revamped minecraft look! enjoy this beautiful minecraft map with a vr look and amazing graphics.

(VR) Minecraft Hogwarts - School of Magic and Wizardry (Harry Potter)
Hogwarts School is a truly magical place full of mystery, secrets, danger and great beauty. Center place of …

A dying world has called out to me to be their hero. I have in my hands the means to save everyone but it is easier said than done. from kid to hero, i will save everyone!

Let's Play OneShot [It's Alive!]
It feels like my adventure is never-ending. but at least now I am in the right track. I am so close to …

What do you get when you combine 4 nerd friends, and epic adventure, video game references and adult jokes! you get the first episode of my epic new let's play!

Doom & Destiny [Adventure Nerds]
What do you do when you are a total nerd that get's sucked in into a magical adventure with monsters, …

The light of this world is slowly fading, same with the hopes of the people. Niko is not of this world but He and I won’t rest until the new sun is back on top!

Let's Play OneShot [Fallen World]
I didn't choose to come to this world but now I will stay until everyone is safe and the sun is restored. …

People know that I like a good challenge, but this Crash Bandicoot Water level proved to be an even bigger challenge than I thought. Difficult? yes. Impossible? No Way!

Crash Bandicoot Warped [Water Level From Hell]
A new area, a new me. I thought this game was going to be an easy classic but it had something up its sleeve: …

in my quest for vengeance I did certain things I am not proud off. so many people are dead, but in this final episode of my dishonored 2 series, it will all be necessary to set things right!

Dishonored 2 [Da Final Ending]
Countless left dead in my path and vengeance in my eyes. I was betrayed so I need to set things right, …

I thought I was but a simple boy in a mysterious land far away from home, but now I got a mission: to save this world from descending into ultimate darkness! My Butt and I are on the case!

OneShot [The Quest for MyButt]
Subscribe to my channel here: At first I thought …

Taking a trip around the world can be expensive. Don't you worry so sit down, strap in and enjoy the ride through different dimensions from the comfort of your own home!

(VR) Minecraft Multidimensional Roller Coaster
Have you ever wanted to take an epic trip but you didn't know where to go? well then allow me to take you on …

From medieval times to riding an awesome tiger, the adventure of our furry friend continues. stay tuned because the bosses will just keep getting better and better

Crash Bandicoot Warped [Australian Menace]
From medieval times to riding an awesome tiger, the adventure of our furry friend continues. stay tuned …

Do you like the thrill of roller coasters? do you like the epicness of Minecraft? Do you also like amazing 360 degrees Videos? Well I have a big treat for you as you will get to ride and enjoy this coaster in a whole new way

Minecraft Golden RollerCoaster VR
Epic 360 degree Minecraft Videos are back! this time I bring you an exciting ride on the Golden Roller …

When a brave boy wakes up in a strange land ravaged by disaster, he will be engulfed in an adventure like no other as many lives will depend on him. The adventure starts now!

OneShot [Like A Dream]
A new adventure starts in an unknown land far away from home. Niko wakes up with no idea where he is but he is …

She took Emily's father and orchestrated a coup that left many dead. Now it is time to hit her where it really hurts: Destroying the source of her immortality once and for all! Dishonored 2 rocks!

Dishonored 2 [Souless Woman]
After so long I have finally done it: not only I found out the dreaded secret of Delilah's immortality, but I …

Not everyone can become a great assassin, but a great assassin can come from anywhere. But will that be enough to beat the big boss and set things right? tune in to the latest epic episode to find out

Dishonored 2 [High Bounty]
Being badass is not something that just happens. it is a skill that you develop and perfect as you go. my …