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Female, 39 years old, lives in Lake Country, B.C., Canada

My final Blaugust posts

And then there were two.. (yes, I instantly bought a second guinea pig)


MStar Online - my latest fascination

Nothing to do with gaming

Normally my MmoQuests posts are about gaming - but I welcomed a new fur baby into my family, so I decided to write about that instead.

Nothing to do with Gaming
Every so often I make a post that has nothing at all to do with gaming, and today is one of those days. Sorry! …
As if it wasn't Monday enough

My legacy family lost their favourite dog, Mr. Boots, as he was crushed by a meteor.

As if it wasn't Monday Enough..
See that black rock over by my pond that's frozen over as a skating rink in the sims 3? It's a giant meteor …
Yet another alt

Because why not..

Another Alt? Sure Why Not!
I love my swashbuckler but she's not exactly great DPS when it comes to single target encounters. In a lot of …