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New Breaking Point patch with a brand new Self Defence mechanic!


0.1313 - 0.1330 ( 407 MB -> 107 KB Delta )


New: Self Defence Traitor Flag System.

New: Inventory Sound when when opening a remote inventory.

New: Player Position is now saved on server logout event.

New: Unfinished Version of Group Icon System.

Improved: Sound Events.

Improved: Fireplace Functionality.

Improved: Client / Server Vehicle Event Handlers.

Improved: Dog Saving Reliability.

Optimised: Thread Handles and Memory Cleanup.

Optimised: Bandwidth for Character Data.

Optimised: Player Gear Saving / Position Saving.

Fixed: Vanilla A3 body collector causing cleanup conflicts.

Fixed: Bayonet Stab Ammo instead of Rifle Butt Ammo.

Fixed: Vodnik Thermal PiP.

Fixed: Players storing everything including the kitchen sink in a fireplace.

Fixed: Fireplaces not being deleted on owner logout.

Fixed: Vehicles being driven without a engine / fuel tank.

Fixed: Melee / Bayonet / Rifle Ammo Check on Inventory Close / Open.

Fixed: Melee Swing Animations.

Fixed: Health Loss Calculation for bleeding was incorrect.

Fixed: Melee Weapon Battleye Kick.

Other: Many other changes that have long since been forgotten.