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Male, 22 years old, lives in Charlottetown, Canada


so after the godlike AI got themselves killed to Nightmare of Khulan for the umpteenth time and I ran out of phoenix by-products (5 or so feathers, 1 tear and 1 breath, esther had upsy-daisy on her greater naiad but decided that using healthy glow a million times after taking 1 damage would be a better use of her mana), i managed to 1v1 it down from 60 or so % hp by kiting it around the outside of the ring with Arrow of Light, and defending against the Cruel Rain and Pitch Black with Oliver, who somehow had a large amount of resistance to these moves

funny thing is, same day I had to do the same thing with Cerboreas earlier the same day, although I can't remember whether I did it with Swaine or Oliver (swaine's party is mostly psyche up bruisers with one defense familiar and oliver has a caster and two bruisers, one psyche up, one somewhat defensive)

i'm a god at this game

also i really need a jumbo stardrop to evolve my wishing whambat to captain whamtastic so he can join the wonderful 101