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skin concepts for azir:

terracotta general azir (stone soldier models would be static after finishing an animation and would fall apart into metal)

creator azir (robotic soldiers and turret)

haunted/necromancer azir (summons ghosts or the undead or something like that, turret could be a big mausoleum thing that shoots ghost lasers or something)

that's the best I could do for azir, he's one of those champs that's weird to think of skin concepts for, like kha or skarner

and battlecast doesn't count you could change the entire theme of league so that everyone was robots and making everyone battlecast wouldn't be hard at all

  • Oct 17, 2014, 4:02:57 PM

Interesting ideas, I'd say if you repost this in 6-8 months it'd be more likely to be seen by a decision maker. Azir released with Galactic and he's back burner for now. On the other hand, never know. Riot has been pumping amazing new skins lately, maybe they will break their cycle. =)

  • Oct 17, 2014, 10:42:54 PM

Artist of Anook. ROLL OUT