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I know it might sound silly but why isn't there more out there? I guess it might be difficult to craft a scary story from a game like League but I for one decided that I would try and so my series Haunted Legends was born. I do youtube videos where I read stories that I wrote and a small handful of some I found online. However it's getting hard to keep up and keep writing my own. I was wondering if anyone has written their own or know any good ones other than I don't want to receive honor anymore.

  • Nov 11, 2014, 9:37:45 PM

It may be just my personal preference, and built up immune to cliché horror, but the pastas I've read(no time to listen lol) are weak, it just rushes too fast, little to no tension is built up. It's hard to find great creepypastas in general, and I have little time reading any recently, but, a good creepypasta builts up tension, tension and tension. Imo short pastas are lame, they don't accomplish anything in me at least, unless they are so bad that they are ridiculous/ironic(AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT, WHO WAS PHONE? classics).

From what I've heard from your read-up it misses some passion. I know it's a read-up, but we shouldn't feel that, we should feel like you're telling an scary story. Maybe cut some creepy remix of LoL music in the background, i know it's cheap, but hey, it should work.

And maybe try to get some inspiration for writing, read BEN that's such a fuckin well written pasta, with videos attached and all that shit, 10/10. I like PokéMon Lost Silver as well and Luna Game + some others. I love Dating Game as well, it's not video game based, but it's very good.

  • Nov 11, 2014, 9:38:39 PM

oh and if you have time, play Corpse Party. It's fucking good, and is a big creepy pasta to be honest.