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So many games I want to play through. So many stories I want to be involved in. Just a glance at Steam list for the games I already own and I can see the potential for thousands of hours of gameplay. Whilst I've got a moment I just want to go through the series' I want to play through in the next few years (in alphabetical order so I don't get lost):

* Alan Wake (Finished the first, need to finish American Nightmare)

* Amnesia

* Anno 2070 (and that newer one coming soon)


* The Basement Collection

* Batman

* The Binding of Isaac (one day I WILL finish you)

* Bioshock

* Borderlands

* Broken Sword (played one years ago... I mean nearly 2 decades ago)

* Brothers - Tale of Two Sons

* Brothers in Arms (finished Road to Hill 30 a few years ago)

* Call of Duty (I don't have the early ones, or the newer ones, but the story in MW was a fairly decent dozen hour affair)

* Castle Crashers (I'll need help with this on account of me being utterly useless)

* Closure

* Command and Conquer (I imagine they have campaigns)

* Company of Heroes

* Crysis

* Dark Souls 2 (Many hours spent failing in the second, not interested in the first, but I won't let this one get the better of me)

* Darksiders

* Dead Island

* Dead Space

* Deus Ex

* Dishonored

* Dragon Age

* TES: Oblivion (Tried it for a little while... but it needs to be played through and completed)

* The Evil Within (Saw this for a half decent price, bought it, played for an hour, haven't touched it since. It is now half the half decent price and it looked alright for the hour I played)

* FEAR (Finished all the first games and expansions, have 2 and 3 waiting for me to pluck up the courage)

* Fallout: NV (Loved 3, will want to get this done before FO4)

* Far Cry

* Hitman

* LA Noire

* Legend of Grimrock

* Life is Strange

* Magicka (Played a bit of the first, interested, but I'm hopeless)

* Max Payne

* Medal of Honor (the new ones... was a big fan of the early ones)

* Metro (will probably get the Redux versions if I'm to get into this)

* Shadow of Mordor (It's here because technically it starts with an M)

* Mirror's Edge

* Monaco

* Red Faction


* Saint's Row

* Space Hulk

* The Stanley Parable

* Titan Quest

* Tomb Raider (I'd be tempted to do them all... but I at least want to do the newest generation)

* Trine (I keep trying to get these done)

* WH40K: Dawn of War

* X

* XCOM (Will do the first newer one before the... new, newest one comes out)

  • Jan 14, 2016, 1:55:35 AM

7 months later and I've done XCOM and Fallout... that's pretty slow going!