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Male, 25 years old, lives in \/arna, Bulgaria

  • Nov 4, 2015, 10:35:31 AM

The suscribers numbers are not so much relevant of the actual game health, because it's not showing the actual activity of said suscribers. In my little guild, we were were like 30 regular players (suscribers), but from that number, most of us was only getting online for the raid that happened twice a week. The others days, the guild was very very quite with maybe 2 or 3 people online.

I guess we weren't the only guild in that state.


The world of MMO has changed. there is too many games out there. Too many good games that do not have a third of WOW suscribers tand that still manage to offer regular new content to their players, and that even do not have a subscription cost.


I honnestly do not know what Blizzard is making with the money they recieve from their players, but I don't think it's fuelled back into World of Warcraft which is a shame. I'm very happy they can produce games like HOTS and Overwatch, but most of the money they earn with WOW should be put back in WOW.

Really feel like the WOW players had been the milking cow for a good while now.


This really iritate me, and everytime I give money to Blizzard I hate myself. I don't want to support the game. They do not deserve my money. If I've stay suscribed to WOW so long, it's because of my friends, of my guild. If I didn't had a guild, I'd have stopped to play WOW shortly after the release of the expansion.