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Male, 25 years old, lives in United States


There is a big Easter Egg in the new Battlefield 4 Map Dragon Valley and it requires a lot of time to get the reward.


Reward? You get the 'DICE LA' camo which only DICE employees could get, but now anyone can get it... but for a price of time and effort.




How to do it:



1. Press buttons until all lantern's have light

2. Press the code extracted from the multiply question (Little birdy, 83,980,800,000).

3. Look at the Lantern and read your special code (morse code, each code is different for each person reading it).



4. Join a ranked Conquest large game.

5. Stand at the west side of the shaft of the north-western Water tower for 2 minutes.

6. Lay down and press 'E (PC) / X or Square (Console)' to obtain keypad.

7. Enter your own unique code from the morse code lantern.




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