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Male, 34 years old, lives in United Kingdom

Xera wrote

Hi Guys and girls,


I've been wanting to write this for a few months, never really found the right words for what has been going on and why I've been so absent in.....well pretty much all aspects of the games we all play together.


Some of you know that I lost my grandfather in November, three months ago I lost my other grandfather who lived far away and was not able to get to the funeral.


After that it's come to light that my father was having an affair while all this was going on, he's had a lot of issues due to stress but this obviously sent a shockwave through our entire family, being as I worked with him every day and the affair was with someone we knew as well who came into the shop...Its been very emotional.


So with all this going on, I've taken on more responsibility with the shop, both my mother and father have not really been able to focus on the business, as much as I'm doing better now, there was a point when I was very low,


There has been some issues with my WoW life, I went into legion reasonably happy with the state of the game but raiding was becoming frustrating due to not having as much time to spend getting raids sorted, still not sure how that going to go with the new raid but I'm not raid leading or guildmaster so that helps a bit.


Also not having much time meant I've not been able to play with people at a reasonable time, most of the time I log into FF14, most people are asleep, I'm hoping to change that with stormblood, just got my pre-order sorted so I will join up after work :)


I was really low in January because of my grandfather and got to a point in the last few months where it felt my online life has no meaning or bearing on my existence in general.... not a good place to be because in my heart I know how happy I am playing with everyone, all the nights we've stayed up not really paying attention to the time hahah :D


This post wasn't to moan though, I've had some time to reflect and deal with the situation at home, I feel a lot stronger in myself and I wanted to....not share my pain because I've

had some very beautiful people message me and keep me sane while I was low, but I wanted to explain my sudden disappearance, I didn't want anyone to think I had just left for reasons to do with the community, you know I love this space of the internet very much.


Anyway, here's to a new raid in WoW, a new expansion in FF14, all the other overwatch/don't starve/paladins and all the other wonderful games we play.


See you all in game very soon and thank you for taking the time to read, I appreciate it very much, as I do with you all.


Mat :)