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Was watching some youtube erlier this day and found a pretty nice interview with one of the developer of the Dayz mod.


Some of the things hes talking about is how fast everything just went and how Dayz is gonna develop in the future.


I found it pretty intressting how their plan for the game is looking and i found the most of what the interview told us posetive.


So, After watching this video. How do you feel about the developent and what do YOU, want to see in the future of this game?


I my self don't want to much. The game is good the way it is imo. The only thing i maybe want is some minor fixes as, glitches, buggs and such. I don't want anything big realy. The game is awesome as it is and i feel that the game future is pretty safe in the hands of the current developers no matter what ideas they may come up with.


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