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Male, 26 years old, lives in Belfast, United Kingdom


Sorry I have been lax posting here. but im back with a vengeance!


Here is a big ass guide to the timeless isle. The video is by far the best bit, but the written part may be a useful reference.


Welcome to my Timeless Isle Guide! Hopefully this will allow you to hit the ground running when the patch drops on Wednesday. Id like to say thanks to Blizzard for creating this fantastic zone, it is much, much more engaging and fun than anything they have previously done. This is a hell of a good patch!


A lot of people like video versions of guides, so here is mine

-> <-

You can navigate around the video using the buttons on the right.


Now lets get onto the written section of the guide.


Part 1 - Timeless Coin Via Mob Kills


Note - Initially this is not the most efficient way to get reputation

There are quite a few areas in the Isle that contain mobs. I have tested the coin rates for an hour in a few areas are here are my findings

Blazing Way - 3120 Per Hour + 496 token drops + Shaohao Rep

Flamewalker Ruins - 3000 per hour + 496 token drops + Shaohao Rep

Tiger Gorge - 2000 per hour (depends on player density) + less 496 tokens

Turtle Beach - 1200 per hour (high player competition)


Overall I think that Flamewalker ruins is the best place to farm. You get a good amount of coins per hour and will also be able to get reputation with the Shaohao faction. More on that later in the rewards section.


Part 2 - Coins Via Chests


To better explain I will divide them into 7 categories. 1-5 can only be looted once per character.

Check the video for a map!

1 - Moss covered, west of island. They contain a small amount of coins and a chance of an epic token.

2 - Moss covered, east of island. They contain a few hundred timeless coins and sometimes an epic token.

3 - These are harder to get. Either via highwing albatross or the gulp frog area.

4 - "Smouldering chest" this is found in the middle of the ordon groups of yangol. A few hundred coins and a few epic tokens

5 - This "blazing chest" is located in the ordon sanctuary and is hard to reach due to mobs. It has a medium amount of coins a few epic tokens and a burden of


6 - Daily - These can be looted once per day. They have a medium amount of timeless coins and some lesser charms and a possible token

7 - Weekly - These are more special event chests than can be done weekly. They contain a medium amount of coins, lesser charms and a possible token.


For groups 1-5 you will be able to loot each chest once from my experience meaning that you will eventually run out of those chests. The video guide contains a map with all of the locations.


Part 3 - Quests


There are a lot of quests on the island though you will only have a few at once. After the initial few quests you will have access to those mentioned here. On the video I have a nice guide showing all of the quests.


So of note are The Essence of time, Empowering the Hourglass and Path of the Mistwalker


For the Essence of time you need to get epoch stones. These drop of mobs on the Isle. Essence of Time is the intro quest and requires you to get 1, Empowering the Hourglass is the main weekly and requires you to get 50. As far as I can tell the stones are common drops on the isle off every mob, with the chance being higher off elites.


For completing Empowering the Hourglass you will get 1000 coins, 200 valour and 20g.


Next we have Path of the Mistwalker. For this you need to kill 20 elites. Its a daily quest.

For completing it you get 50vp, 1000 coins and 3 of either Dew of the Eternal Morning, Book of the Ages, and singing crystal. Pick whichever you wish.


Part 4 - Events


There are lots of "events" on the isle. When near one an icon will appear on your map. There is a map showing locations on the video at 5.15

The current events I know of are as follows:

Battle of the Barnacle - Coins, 496 armour token, "Captains Zevidans lost leg"

Skunky Beer - 50-100 coins, Skunky Beer Alementel Pet

Gleaming Crane Statue - Some Weekly Chests

Zarhym Alltogeather - Some chests

Lotto Chest - Spend 500 coins for the chance of opening a chest. Most of the time you lose coins but there is a chance of epic tokens and a burden of eternity. Personally I have seen a Burden of Eternity drop from this.


There are two large bosses than drop 1k coins, these are called Evermaw and Dread Ship Vesuvius.


Part 5 - Rewards


By combining the previous 4 steps you will be able to buy a tonne of really cool stuff!


So first of all lets talk about the 496 tokens. These drop from chests, mobs and can be purchased for 7500 timeless coins at the vendor located at the celestial court. These are BOA, so you can send them to an alt if you wish. There is an other item called a Burden of Eternity which, when combined with a 496 token, will upgrade it to a 535 "timeless" item. You can get a Burden of Eternity from the 5th category of chest (located in the ordon temple), as a drop from the chest event that I mentioned above or from a vendor for 50000 timeless coins.


I am not going to cover drops from rares in this section.


Here are the 4 main vendors on the Isle

-Mistwalker Ai, Located in the Celestial Court

496 tokens for 7500 coins,

476 Weapons for 10000 coins,

Burden of Eternity 50000 coins,

535 Trinkets 50000 coins,

Mogu Rune of Fate - 2500 coins,

Time Worn Journal - 500 coins


-Celestial Tournament, This is the pet battle event, Located at the Celestial Court

The currency is "celestial coins" You get 1 per week for winning the tournament.

4 Celestial Pets for 3 coins each,

Flawless Marked Battlestone 3 coins,

25 Bandages for 1 coin,

1 Pet treat for 1 coin.


-Mistweaver Ku - Shaohao Rep

The scroll of challange is used to summon a group of elite mobs that are rather hard to kill. It is used as a part of the Shaohao questline.

Vanity Masks - Friendly - 100 coins each

Scroll of Challenge - Honoured - 500 coins

Time Lost Artifact - Honoured - 7500 coins, 476 trinket that ports to the Isle

Harmonious Porcupette - Revered - 7500 coins, battle pet

Celestial Defenders Medallion - Revered - 2500 coins, transforms you into a "celestial defender"


-Speaker Gulan

This guy sells a "censer of burning agony" for 7500 coins. When you activate this you become pvp flagged to all players. When you kill a player you are rewarded with a "bloody coin" which can be spent here

Black Ash - 1 coin - Reduces targets healing taken by 90% for 10 seconds

Pouch of White Ash - 20 coins - trinket that increases pvp power and resilience by 5641 for 30s

Fire-Watcher's Oath - 50 coins - Transforms you into a Yangol

Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast - 500 coins - A mushan beast mount.


I hope you found this useful, if you have any questions im happy to answer them!