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Male, 30 years old, lives in Germany

SupportNoVa wrote

Hey guys and girls, what's up?

  • Feb 20, 2014, 1:15:40 AM

@SupportNoVa is alive! Welcome back, dude!

  • Feb 20, 2014, 1:17:09 AM

All good, missed your streams lately...

SupportNoVa wrote

I'm still alive! ^ ^

  • Sep 29, 2013, 10:56:49 PM

Glad to hear!

SupportNoVa wrote

Today G-League began with two quick wins over [f2p] and I have to say, Impunity.Storm has a good feeling to it - although we still have a lot, lot to practise!


And here we go, ladies and gentlemen!

Enjoy and share!

Chapter One | Facebook

Something life-changing is looming on the horizon - more infos in the next 12h!


Name four current HoN players you would like to see team up with NoVa!

And no, I'm not indecisive, just curious~

  • Jun 25, 2013, 1:43:33 AM

Khezu and Probusk for sure!

SupportNoVa is now following Heroes of Newerth.

I will continue with Heroes of Newerth professionally.


Something that was clear to me right after our disbandement but I had to wait for a lot of information on other ends before I could make a public and sincere statement.


Currently I am trying out for several teams, nothing is set in stone yet.

You girls and guys played a big role in this decision but ultimately it is the enjoyment of the game and my competitive drive that will always make me strive for the best.


Thursday, 15:00 I will stream.



On top of that!

The Garena CIS team [iTs] had several roster issues and eventually asked me to join them for the upcoming Dreamhack event at June, 15th. I was extremely happy and glad to accept as I can not only help them in their DH quest but also go to Dreamhack once more - NoVa is coming home!


A big thank you to Garena, S2 and ofcourse [iTs] for making this possible and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you that are attending Dreamhack.


Last but not least: CarryNoVa? Yeeeeees!



Garena version:

HoN News: NoVa joining iTS for DreamHack Summer 2013 | GosuGamers
Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. 2 hours, 50 minutes ago Blockbuster news coming out of the CIS region just …
  • May 29, 2013, 12:14:56 AM


  • May 29, 2013, 1:43:49 AM

lookin' forward to CarryNova :)

  • May 30, 2013, 12:29:07 PM



Style bought StarCraft four weeks ago. He has played over 900 games by now and made it from Bronze to Masters in that time span. He still wins 1v1 lanes easily.


  • May 7, 2013, 11:19:49 PM

yep :< I played with him the first week he got it, I won 2 games easily vs him, gave him some advice, and next thing I know he's pwning me. He learns so fast.......!

  • May 8, 2013, 4:12:04 PM

crazy good

  • May 23, 2013, 10:03:34 PM

sry for of topic... you should stream more often!!


I meet awesome fans literally every day in Joenkoeping. Thinking about moving. Here's a tweet from one of them:

Met the awesome @supporttnova today! Great guy and funny that he remembered me! #awesome #HoN #starstruck


Team 'falafelrulle' aka NoX/NoVa defend the QsQ honour and win the local 2v2 tournament finals 2:0 including some hardware prizes! There was some surprisingly good competition that didn't only take a map off of us in the groupstage but also forced team 'dog' aka Jonassomfan/PapaMalle into a three way tie and a rock-paper-scissors game that they unfortunately lost. Six hours of fun and some good talk thanks to Gameffect netcafe and seven teams!


SupportNoVa wrote

Dear person X,

about one year ago you stole my mouse. You could've taken plenty of headsets, mice, mousepads or even screens from the whole Fnatic team but you specifically stole mine. You probably framed it and pinned it to your wall, you listened to its silent weeping while you pretended to be asleep. You tried to comfort it, showed my mouse pictures of me and that I won Dreamhack Summer and my fourth title but to no avail. It would only suffer more since I had to play with another Xai.


It is time, dear person X. Make the world a better place and unify NoVa and his most hardworking and trustworthy mouse again and you will receive a pat on the back by me and earn the respect of the whole gaming community.

You can find me at the Gameffect netcafe, Joenkoeping until Friday.

Make the right decision,



2v2 tournament at Gameffect netcafe, Joenkoeping coming up at this Saturday! Map: Grimm's Crossing, runes allowed, Banning Pick. You have to be here to participate and QsQ will create two teams. Hope to meet you for a chat or game!

See you Saturday.

Gameffect - The place for gamers
Tack till alla som deltog på Fifa 13 turneringen på Gameffect. Totalt var det 22 spelare som gjorde upp om …

Hello there!

Here are the winners of the 36h contest! The winner of the Ultimate Avatar will be drawn between all 5€+ donators later today. Hopefully I can stream that event so you are able to see it live!

Stay tuned for bootcamp content coming up tomorrow!

The list will be send to S2 within the next 24 hours and the prizes payed out in the next three days!


f12_ (200GC)

HongKongSwag (200GC)

Aggroklee (100 GC)

Bugs_Blanco (100 GC)

Mazzacre (100 GC)

Grack_W_Bush (100 GC)

AiriRAWR (200 GC)

TheProphetG (100 GC)

chevazw (100 GC)

Ruffthyme` (100 GC)

Frshi (100 GC)

saladinx (200 GC)

Mitera (100 GC)

Trilok (100 GC)

Jocoser (100 GC)

ShadowPro (100 GC)

Dark_Creed (100 GC)

bloodang3l (300 GC)

Numb_Nutz (200 GC)

xXRavenXx (200 GC)

Zzoink (100 GC)

AntecSonata (200 GC)

Felshatner (100 GC)

Kyu_Hee (Night Hunter Avatar)

KyUsU (Doll Master)

Abeha (Troika Engineer Avatar)

Laskas (Landshark Bloodhunter)

Powermongo (Leper Plague Rider)

Shineoda (Rhino Rampage)

Saintsixx (Cenobite Torturer)

Shineoda (Svarog Magmus)

jaypiii (Keeper of the Desert)

Seandewolfe (Woolly Chtulhuphant)

twipsterz (Golden Avatar of choice)

??? (Ultimate Avatar of choice)

SupportNoVa wrote

After yesterday's showmatch QsQ won the CIS Showmatch series and snacked a 500$ prize pool today. Special shoutout and thanks to Superkge for ringing in all seven games.