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Male, 28 years old, lives in United States

About Tazou


I am Tazou! I am currently a father of three children, Full-Time Student, Full-Time Office Manager and also a founder of "Earthbound Gamers" community. Not only that, I am currently working towards my goal of opening up a Game and Storage Server Hosting company where I can put my skills to the test and push the limits of what can be done in the world of Gaming and Networking!


I founded Earthbound Gamers with a few friends and acquaintances in my local area. Currently, we have more than 40 members, some currently residing outside of the US and growing daily. Earthbound Gamers came about as a simple 4 person team with an idea to create and share Game Reviews, Podcasts and Lets' Plays and to share them online. However, it literally grew almost overnight to where it is currently with a goal to continue growing into something greater.

Earthbound is looking for individuals and/or groups of a mature nature to come and join us in Discord. We do not turn away PC or Console players! We support any/all Genre and type of game out there. Whether it be Indie or AAA and consist of an FPS, RTS, Action, Adventure and/or all of the above, you are welcome here with us!

If interested in joining like-minded individuals, use THIS link to join our Discord!

We look forward to seeing you join us and enjoy some Gaming Goodness, Memes, General Chit Chat and more!

Last updated Nov 30, 2017, 4:37:09 AM