Greetings everyone,

I do apologies for the break I've taken in the organisation of this weekly events. Real life happened and sometimes it takes time to adapt to the changes. Now I feel good enough to take charge of this project again, and see that we can share some relaxed, fun, and gentle Trial once a week with like minded players!

I'll organise events through the month of november, until the 5th december which will be the last event of the year.

The rules stay the same, but seing the result of the poll I organised in september, we will explore different trials every week. Just for fun! We will only focus on a single trial by day though, maybe going through it several times if we have the time to spare.

Read rules HERE

If you are interested taking part of those events, please do sign up with your role, and be sure to be present the D-day! Do not hesitate to share this project with your favourite friends and guildies!
This project is non-guild related, and open to everyone even newbie players! We are all here to learn and enjoy!

Signup events HERE