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Male, 24 years old, lives in Napoli, Italy

About TheDarkTongo

Important stuff first, then the bio:

League of Legends:
I've been playing this game since july 2011 and I've always loved it. I'm currently high diamond in soloq but I think I still have a lot to learn. I love every part of the community as I find the flamers even funnier than others.

This is my channel.
I've made a lot of LoL videos to upload on my channels because I love making videos. I am also partnered with Centus Network.

This is my stream.
LoL ranked mostly. I am currently in diamond so I often play with pros and stuff like that. I also give tips on the stream if you want. Lastly, I love having some company and motivation while i play :)

Born the 13th of july in 1995, always loved gaming, from NES to ps3; from the good old nintendo gameboy to the PSP, I've played them all. I love both singleplayer and multiplayer games, but I usually get bored fast (unless it's LoL) and I never do second play thoughs unless it's one of those epic games like Chrono Trigger or some other great games like Ratchet & Clank, Jak, Sly Cooper. I currently own a very good computer and keep playing pretty much everything that comes out. I also like video editing (made a couple amateur "films" too) and image editing/3d modelling. My favourite color must be purple.

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