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Male, 32 years old, lives in Portugal

Shalla wrote

Miss you pedroo ))

Harrier wrote

Peeeeedroooo, where are you, Pedrooooo?

  • Jul 26, 2013, 11:47:27 PM

pedro pedro ))

Tokinatus wrote

This is my current WvW spec and actual gear, the gear I have in this link is the real thing the only difference is the infusions aren't actually 5power/5ar but they are the WvW ones 5power/1%dmg to guards/bosses.


The gear/skill choices are pretty self-explanatory so if you want any in-depth info just ask, otherwise I'll be moving on to the traits.


30 in Critical Strikes:

- Side Strike pretty obvious you'd want this being a Thief, even moreso taking Executioner as your 30th trait option.

- Furious Retaliation is my choice because again, I use Executioner instead of Hidden Killer due to my high crit chance, the other option would be Critical Haste but since it was nerfed I dont use it very often anymore.

- Executioner is one of the strongest traits in the Thief arsenal making 30points in Critical Strikes mandatory in any power build. However my choice of this over Hidden Killer is more due to the fact that my gear (with 25percision stacks) has huge crit chance.


30 in Shadow Arts:

- Shadows Embrace is one of the strongest condi removals in the game in my opinion, makes a Thief pretty much un-killable against condi-based enemies.

- Infusion of Shadow is an obvious choice since you'll want to be stealthing as much as possible and this trait makes it so you have almost perfect initiative regen for permanent re-stealthing providing you dont waste it all spamming 2 or 3 lol.

- Shadow's Rejuvenation is pretty much what makes people call d/p thieves in WvW as lame/cheese/overpowered. This thing makes you able to 1vX.


10 in Acrobatics:

I take this over Trickery because of the versatility of the choices you have depending on the situation.

Vigorous Recovery sygernizes really well with Withdraw.

Fleet Shadow is good fun for movement, altho buggy since your movement is slower than swiftness in combat.

Descent of Shadows is amazing for WvW especially to escape.



So that's my current WvW build, feel free to give suggestions.

Tokinatus wrote

Yo, thought I use this lil' nook of mine to share/store my thief builds.


Starting with sPvP burst spec:

Came up with this idea of combining an old WvW signet/might stacking spec with my usual spvp burst spec since Haste was nerfed and Signets got buffed this seemed like a viable option as the highest possible burst without losing survivability altogether.


30 in Deadly Arts:

- Mug for obvious extra burst and probably the highest-value 10 trait point in the Thief arsenal, the new change Mug also allows for smarter use of it for clutch heals/escapes rather than just damage.

- Improvisation often overlooked due to Dagger Training and Back Fighting being the two best options for our 20 point trait choice. This trait gives a whooping 10% extra damage when you wield a bundle, stolen abilities count as bundles so it's pretty much a permanent buff to your damage (and especially to your Backstab).

- Panic Strike is one of my favorite traits, it's synergy with the whole "1-shot burst" Thief concept is just amazing and to be honest, if you know how to manage your initiate you don't need the 15th point in Trickery and to my opinion Panic Strike is much more valuable. The 30% extra condition duration you get from 30 points in Deadly Arts adds up to 5.2 seconds of Immobilize to your 50% hp target which is pretty much death to most classes who can't dodge in place.


30 in Critical Strikes:

- Signets of Power is also another synergy choice to the "1-shot" concept, adding 10 extra might to your burst is pretty huge even moreso if you already have some might and bloodlust stacks.

- Signet Use is a must to any double signet spec in my opinion, the reduced cooldown is good but the 2initiate per signet usage on demand is huge, just think of every damn time you needed initiative as a burst thief and would give anything to have it? Yeah, just pop a signet bro.

- Hidden Killer/Executioner. Okay here is where I'm torn, Hidden Killer's synergy with the burst concept is higher than Executioner, but Executioner is of very high value. Hidden killer also allows for burst combo's without the usage of Steal (Fury) for a certain Backstab crit, saving it for a gap-closer if they stunbreak/run away.

This choice is up to the player but i've been using Hidden Killer more than Executioner since Panic Strike takes care of the whole 50%-hp-target-gonna-die-business.


10 in Trickery:

- Thrill of the Crime for obvious reasons the 3 buffs it provides are key for a Thief's successful 1shotting of a target. Ever had this annoying little bastard that just keeps running away with close-to-perma swiftness? Yeah this helps with that.


The only other option to this would be 10 points in Shadow Arts taking Infusion of Shadow giving you 2 initiative every time you stealth but I personally don't think that is better than those buffs on demand.


Heres a link to the build, if you like the idea feel free to try it out and give insight on your experience with it.

  • Jun 12, 2013, 11:58:22 AM

Silly me, that link has d/d instead of d/p.

  • Jun 12, 2013, 6:35:38 PM

E' rodinhas ))