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Topic started by Gaiex Jul 19, 2013, 12:47:28 AM.
Jul 19, 2013, 12:47:28 AM
Gaiex wrote

“Kill only what you must. Take pride in your skill, but no joy in death.”

Nissa was the High Huntress of the Stonebloom tribe until she bonded with the Spirit of Pursuit. The people of the east venerate the Spirits as untouchable, and her Vitality powers left her an outcast. She wanders with her companion Tal’ah, helping where she can, but always moving on.

Nissa is a ranged Carry who excels in the early phases of the game. Nissa’s high combat mobility and guaranteed harass can often afford her several early kills and propel her strongly into late game. Actively utilizing her Passive can further strengthen her early game by giving her a vision advantage on any ganking opponents. Late game, mobility becomes a key factor to Nissa’s success allowing her to outrange and run circles around her opponents.

  • Passive - Focus Shaper – Animal Companion - Nissa uses Focus to cast her abilities. Focus regenerates slowly over time and whenever Nissa uses her Basic Attack. Additionally, whenever Nissa enters a bush her animal companion, Tal’ah, dismounts and grants her vision of that bush for up to 2 minutes.
  • Q - Branching Blade - Nissa throws a specialized Wingblade at target enemy, dealing physical damage before branching and hitting two enemies behind the primary target.
  • W - The Chase - Passively increases Nissa's Haste. Active: Nissa jumps onto all fours and greatly increases her movespeed and slow resistance for a short duration. Basic Attacks in this form generate bonus Focus and refresh the duration of The Chase up to 3 times.
  • E – Wing Clip - Nissa throws a large Wingblade to target location, damaging and slowing any enemies in the area for a short time.
  • R – Final Flight - Nissa throws a massive boomerang in target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit. After the boomerang reaches a maximum distance, or Nissa reactivates the ability, her boomerang will return to her dealing physical damage to all enemies on the return as well.