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Topic started by Gaiex Jul 19, 2013, 12:58:07 AM.
Jul 19, 2013, 12:58:07 AM
Gaiex wrote

“Can you feel the rising of the moon? It quickens the blood.”

The High Priestess of the blessed – or cursed – Shorewind tribe, Amarynth commands unstoppable forces of tide and squall through her bond with the Spirit of Momentum. Like the eastern sea, she is serene and elegant at peace, but prone to thundering rages when roused.

Amarynth is a ranged Caster who excels at bursting down single targets and controlling teamfights. Equipped with guaranteed poke, high mobility and a long range skillshot, Amarynth’s early phase is no joke. As Amarynth scales into late game, her reduced cooldowns allow her to chain abilities fluidly by anticipating her passive. The key to skilled Amarynth play is knowing precisely the moment to unleash your full combo and lay waste to your opponents.

  • Passive - Spirit Shaper - Momentum - Amarynth uses Spirit to cast her abilities. Spirit is a slowly regenerating resource with a deep pool. Addtionally, whenever Amarynth deals damage with one of her abilities, all of her other abilities have their cooldown reduced.
  • Q - Feeding Frenzy - Amarynth fires a school of fish that deals magical damage to target enemy. If this enemy is affected by Amarynth's E, Tidal Prison, the target will take additional magical damage over time until Tidal Prison ends.
  • W – Waverider - Amarynth dashes a short distance in target direction, dealing magical damage to any targets she passes through.
  • E – Tidal Prison - Amarynth fires a bubble of water in target direction that attaches to the first enemy it hits. The target is enveloped in water, slowing them for a short duration before exploding and dealing magical damage to all enemies nearby.
  • R - Riptide - Amarynth fires a massive tidal wave in target direction, dealing magic damage and knocking up all enemies hit.
Aug 16, 2013, 2:30:48 PM
MobaMonkey wrote

This is by far my favorite Shaper, able to make plays and a fun playstyle overall