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Nov 9, 2013, 12:15:51 PM
Elloa wrote

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Since I noticed Wildstar by watching one of those amazing video on my guild website, I've the feeling that the Studio Carbine's baby is the first game that may be the real successor of World of Warcraft. By that, I do not mean Wildstar is a "WOW clone", that's the worst insult one can say to a new MMO! I couldn't say such a think, Wildstar has definitively its own soul, an unique personality. By that, I mean Wildstar seems the best candidate to fill the role and replace the Giant of MMOs. It's like, everything one loved about WOW at the game release, had been reappropriate by Carbine, rethought, rebuild, revamped, recreated, pushed further to offer what players have been craving for years. A modern polished game, the evolution of what WOW should have become. In short I believe that Wildstar is the game disappointed WOW fans have been waiting for since the death of the Lych King.

Wildstar is vibrant, colorful, it has this Omni present humor that will seduce so many players. But mainly it offers a solid character/player progression in all aspect of the game: PVE, PVP, social and casual activities. Even the roleplayers have not been forgotten and will receive their very own features like a Out Of Character Channel toggle! This last addition in particular have amazed me. Not because I care so much about roleplaying in Wildstar, but because as a former heavy roleplayer, I know the needs and wishes the community have been begging for years. And just this little feature show how thoughtful Carbine is, how large is their vision, and how much they desire to include all kind of players!
Seeing the developers videos, the articles, and the game presentations on various conventions, it seems that Wildstar has something to offer to everyone: housing, large and medium raid, arena, ranked battlegrounds, world first kill community board, exploration, jumping puzzles... All those little details that show that Carbine understand the public they are addressing their game to.

World of Warcraft old memories *sigh* Good times!

I've been a great fan of World of Warcraft in its time. I've become disappointed the direction the game took, by breaking down the community feeling step by step. Since I left, I've been searching for this game that could replace the pleasure I had when I was playing it. The discovery of a new world. The easiness to get into the game, and to get addicted. The intensity of the raids, the pleasure of having to bond with players to progress together. All those little activities on the side that helped to feel I was always improving my character. It's only after have experimented many other games that I realize how polished World of Warcraft was. How large had been Blizzard's vision. In every game I've been playing after, it seems there is always a feature missing that WOW had.

Therefore, when I watched this excellent ONRPG interview of David "Scooter" Bass, the community manager for Wildstar, my confidence in the success of this game has only be stronger.

>>>Carbine Studios Wildstar NYCC 2013 Interview by ONRPG<<<

I've been very happy to learn that European beta testers encounter minimal lags while playing the game hosted on a North American server. It make me hopeful that Carbine will create international servers and not separate their community by region.
I'm happy to see that they are encouraging the modding community to come up with damage meters, threat meters and all that kind of addons players were used to download for World of Warcraft. I'm usually not in favor of those kind of addons that can help to create a elitist jerk community. But for this game, I think it will only revive old memories, and it will be pleasant to get back into some serious gaming.

I'm really exited at the prospect of this spring. I'll have two great games to play within the same guild. One that will satisfy my desire of immersion, dream, freedom and Lore (The Elder Scrolls Online), a game I've been dreaming about since I played Morrowind the first time (see my blog post concerning this: My hopes for The Elder Scrolls Online ). The other that will fill this hole left open since I stopped to play World of Warcraft, and will satisfy my ambitions as raider. I just hope I'll have enough time to be dedicated in both games!

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