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[15-09-13] My first steps in FFXIV

Topic started by Elloa Nov 9, 2013, 12:18:34 PM.
Nov 9, 2013, 12:18:34 PM
Elloa wrote

Originl text had been written for UMBRA here

I bought Final Fantasy for the only reason I wanted to play a game together with my guilmates from UMBRA. Indeed, Wildstar and ESO, the two games I'm planning to focus on in future, will not be released before Spring 2014, which leave us a good six months to do something else. The Final Fantasy Chapter is lead by such passionated members that I couldn't help but wanting to join them. Even if at that point I had not the smallest interest for the game itself.

I'd describe my first steps in Final Fantasy as tedious. Coming from Guild Wars 2 and Tera, I had difficulties to appreciate the very classical, old-fashioned combat system. It reminded me of my World of Warcraft vanilla leveling as discipline priest. Slow. Boring. Unefficient.
The grafics didn't amazed me either. But then again, I had been spoiled with gorgeous games such as GW2, Tera or The Secret World.

My first impression wasn't so great. What made all my friends so fond of this game? I could not understand. I'm not a Final Fantasy diehard fan. I've played it and enjoyed it, but that was twelve years ago. Some of the very enthousiastic players I knew had never touched a Final Fantasy title either, so it was obviously not the franchise that appealed to them. There must have been something else...

Check my first impressions LIVE (extract from my Stream) Video

I started my journey in Limsa Lominsai, as Arcanist. I enjoyed my emerald pet, and the story quest. I relatively enjoyed the area, even if I got lost very often, and I appreciated the different questing system: FATE, levequest, and especially the guildhest, those mini dungeons teaching you with baby steps the mechanics you will encounter later. But I never felt in love with the game. It felt old and odd in some ways. I was also very annoyed that I couldn't queue as healer with my Arcanist and was forced to DPS.

I decided then to migrate to Gridania, and start the leveling of my second class: Conjurer. And then...something happened. I don't know if it's the wood area, the calm and peaceful atmosphere, the soothing music, the fact that conjurer focus on elements and nature rather than intellect or that I didn't had "yaar yaar " kind of speech to read... I started to enjoy the game ten times more than when I quested along the coast of Limsa Lominsai. The combat was still boring though, but I didn't let myself discouraged by this aspect, because my purpose was to be healer, and I find pleasure in healing even in those tab-targetting slow casting type of games. I have, after all, never been fond of DPSing in World of Warcraft either. (Elemental shaman and hunter was cool though!)

A guildie and friend of me helped me to grind the three levels left that would open the world of dungeoning, and a real healing role. With his help, I managed to be more efficient, to complete levequest quite fast, thanks to his damages! Playing as a team also help a lot to make the game more fun!

Finally, I reached the so expected level 15 with my conjurer, and I could join my first Dungeon: Sastasha, a cave with a strong marine theme. This first experience sold me on the game. Finally, I had my "WOoooW" moment! The dungeon was absolutely gorgeous! It was fun to heal, even with my two spells. It felt like I could really enjoy my time. I can't wait to progress in level, discover all dungeons, join those guildhest and reach the end game content! I'll be raiding in this game, I'm very enthousiastic about it!

Check my first dungeons runs, with my reactions LIVE (extract from my stream):

If anyone has a similar experience than me in FinalFantasy, and encounter some difficulties to get into the game, I really recommand you to hold on. Do not let yourself discouraged. It's a game that reveal itself slowly. We are simply not used to that anymore. We have become spoiled, impatient gamers that want to be impressed at the very second we log in a game. Give this game a chance and you might be very surprised!

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