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[20-07-13] How I found my ESO guild

Topic started by Elloa Nov 9, 2013, 12:40:50 PM.
Nov 9, 2013, 12:40:50 PM
Elloa wrote

This text had been written originally for my blog Someyr: here

My last post concerning The Elder Scrolls Online was dedicated to the guild system, and what I was thinking about it. In this post I'll be more personal, and reveal you my social future in TESO.

Those that are acquainted with me, know how involved and interested I'm in everything that touch MMO communities. In my previous games, I've always chosen carefully the guilds I was joining, Once found, I was dedicating my time and my energy to contribute, promote and improve what I'd consider as my second family. Which often lead me to become a officer, or to replace the guild leader when that one resigned. I also created several projects of my own that has been in their time relatively successful.
At the moment, I'm leading together with 6 other persons an amazing community in GW2, <MistAngels>. I feel blessed to have met such wonderful persons and to share my passions with them!

A guild matter immensely for me. Without a friendly home, the best game ever can't retain me for long. I'll always stick the game where I find the best company!

So once it became clear that TESO would represent the future of my gaming life, I immediately questioned myself about what I'd do concerning my future guild. Many points had to be considered.

My first idea was to create a guild together with my boyfriend where I could hopefully gather all the friends I made along those ten years of gaming. A beautiful dream... I gave up this idea fast. First of all, my boyfriend and I aren't playing the same way at all. I'm social, he is not. I'm a slow wanderer, he enjoy to play with efficiency, speed and action. This project would have ended by being mine, and not "ours". I'd have stay "Elloa" and he would have become "Elloa's boyfriend". Not the ideal situation to enjoy a game together.

I also didn't feel fine with the idea of promoting another game in my current GW2 guild. It's always a bit depressing when you feel involved in a project and you foresee the arrival of a concurrent game. So I choose to separate clearly my wishes of playing TESO and <MistAngels>. I'd be of course extremely happy to adventure in Tamriel with them, but I don't want to push them in anyway. They will come to me if they wish. It's not like I'm hard to find.

My boyfriend and I agreed that we would be joining a guild instead of making our own. It was important than this guild would fit our very different game styles. For this, our future guild needed to meet two criteria: being a well organized guild with ambitions towards end game (mainly PVE) and at the same time being a friendly home with no elitism and exclusions.

Then I realized that if I was to join a guild that wouldn't be my own project, I wanted to join the best guild possible. One of those guild people watch with envy, because they are totally badass in game, awesome with each others, and are the ones sharing their knowledge over the Internet.
Until today, I've always been too modest to try. But I know I've many things to offer to a guild. I may be not the best player ever, but I'm not bad either. I'm loyal. I'm dedicated. I've lot of energy, lot of inspiration, a solid experience, I can contribute to the guild effort in many ways. And especially, I'm willing to take the time and energy needed to do so.

So, as I was watching the podcast ESOAllStars, I decided that I was going to look in one of those guy's guild. I read carefully the websites of <Umbra>, <ShoddyCaste>, <Entropy Rising> etc... and I found out that <Umbra> was exactly the guild I was looking for. Ambitious, but social and friendly. A multi-gaming community organizing different Chapters, including that one game my boyfriend is crazy about (StarCitizen). A guild that aim to provide the gaming community in videos, podcasts, livestreams and what not... A guild that aim to be international, and not restricted to one specific part of the world. The guild's laws were fitting my personality, and the Chapter for TESO proposed exiting perspectives.

That was exactly the guild I was dreaming for!


In addition, the name is cool. It's always painful to find a guild that you really like, but with a awful name.

So everyone, I'm happy and glad to tell you that I'm now a proud member of <Umbra>, representing the Aldmeri Dominion. For the Queen, for Umbra! Yay!

Sorry for the long rant, hopefully some of you found it fun to read! See you soon for less personal blog post!
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