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Clash of Clans w/ Army of Awesome

Topic started by Zeli May 13, 2014, 5:31:21 PM.
May 13, 2014, 5:31:21 PM
Zeli wrote

CLAN: Army of Awesome
Twitter: @armyofawesome_

A family-friendly group of relaxed but active folks in Clash of Clans. We start wars Mondays & Thursdays. Donate . War . Repeat . Clan tag: #VC9928C

OUR CURRENT RECORD: 6 WINS, 8 LOSSES. We are an Invite Only clan. When requesting to join, be sure to include who you are or who you know so we will know to accept you. We are the Alliance of Awesome clan with the orange and white large-checker shield.

OUR HISTORY: We were created from the organization of our twitterfriends, known as the Alliance of Awesome.

OUR FUTURE: The goal is to be a small/med-sized war clan in order to play 10v10 and 15v15 battles. Smaller, organized, and active is better than large and absent.

CURRENT MEMBERSHIP: 6 active members with a very diverse mix of Town Hall levels. We have a couple of kids in the group and their activity and enthusiasm is refreshing.

ORGANIZATION: If you're a known MPer or AofAer and active and dedicated, we'll promote you to co-leader rather soon. Inactives will drop to Elder, then Member... you get the idea. Anyone who is friend of a friend will get invited at Member status.

OUR RULES: If you have your status as opt-in for wars, then please be prepared and willing to take both turns. We have no minimum donation requirement but we ask that you contribute generously for war. Default war donations: Wizards & Archers. If someone requests another troop, please try to comply with their wishes. If they do not make a specification, always give wizards and archers. If you cannot donate much, you can still feel free to request. It is perfectly okay to opt out of wars. Life is more than Clash of Clans. But if you opt in, be prepared to participate.

OUR SCHEDULE: We begin our wars on Mondays & Thursdays every week, unless a break is specifically requested.

YOU: Must be an MPer, AofAer, or a friend/relative of a current member that is willing to vouch for you. You must be patient and understanding. Trophies and Town Hall level is not important to us. A sense of humor is important. You must try to keep chat family friendly due to the kiddos mentioned earlier in this post.

Read more:

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May 20, 2014, 7:13:33 PM
Zeli wrote

Some of you already know and have joined the Alliance of Awesome on Clash of Clans. We're called "Army of Awesome" there because “Alliance of Awesome” didn’t fit. There are also quite a few other clans with this same name.

If you need an invite friend me through game center as shnanon or do a search for “Army of Awesome” and look at the roster. The one with zelibeli in it is us (and that’s me). Request an invite and specify who you are (we’re getting quite a few randoms wanting to join and we’re rejecting them) and we'll grab you ASAP.

We currently have 12 members. Joining is invite only. Please only invite people you know through AoA/gaming or RL. Minors are okay if they're mature and you know their parents. We do have 2 minors. One is the son of Aruth/GrilledCheese and another is the son of my RL friend. They're both under 18 but are mature and friendly gamers.

I see some of you on my friends list with the app but I cannot invite you because either your mailbox is full OR you haven’t repaired your Clan Castle yet and are not eligible for an invite.

How to get eligible for an invite: Download the free app. Build your clan to level 3ish (enough so that you can hold enough gold in order to repair your Clan Castle on your property. Approx 40,000 gold iirc) and then repair your Clan Castle. It is the broken building on your map. Once you repair it, you can get invited to the clan. You can request troops and people from your clan then donate troops to you to help defend your land. Don’t be shy about requesting troops! The troops you train for your camps only go out and fight when you attack someone else. You need troops in your Clan Castle for defense and the only way to get those is by requesting them from your uber clan members.

Hopefully soon we can get into a war if we get a few more members. I have no idea how to go to war or what it entails.


  • If you run out of gold or elixir and you still want to play but it’s going to take you hours and hours to get more… Go attack people and get more stuff. Note: This only works if you’re somewhat successful at attacking people.
  • Only spend gems on builders huts (in the beginning anyway). The tutorial will try and get you to spend the gems they give you at the start. Just wait it out.
  • You don’t have to buy gems! You get gems through achievements and by clearing your land. Once your land is cleared, stumps and rocks will continue to appear and you can keep clearing them. It is random, but be patient.

Good news: Android and Apple users mix! Bad news: I don't know how!

App Info:
Clash of Clans is a mobile freemium strategy video game from Supercell, a video game company based in Helsinki, Finland.

A multiplayer game, Clash of Clans allows players to build their community, train troops, and attack other players to earn gold and elixir while building their own defenses to protect against attackers. Players can also use the chat feature to communicate with others and join clans to aid each other. Clash of clans is a combat strategy game. Build and defend your village; Dominate the Realm; Battle with players across the world.

This post is just here to make sure everyone in AoA knows they're welcome to join. This is a rather slow game and I understand that it's not for everyone so no big deal if you don't want to play it.

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May 21, 2014, 9:09:45 PM
Zeli wrote


This is a clan versus clan (instead of player versus player) feature.

The clan war consists of two phases over 2 days (24 hours each). The first phase is preparation day and the second phase is battle day.

Preparation Day
You don't use your main village. Your village is cloned to the war map. It does not generate resources. This is the time to optimize your base for defense. Protect your town hall. Your base is cloned into the clan battle and will be the base that the enemy can attack.

Get some defensive units in your clan castle to defend your base in the clan war. NOTE: It's not your normal clan castle, but a separate clan castle inside the clan war map. When donating, go to the war map and send high level defensive units to your clan members. In order to do so, you will have to tap individual bases on the map and donate troops directly. You can’t request troops for your war base – you need an active team in order to succeed!

Donation Tip: Remember war clan castle troops are only for defense. You don't really want to send troops in there like barbs that can not fight air attacks from balloons, dragons, and such. They just come out and stand until they get slaughtered. Archers and wizards can fight land and air.

The towns inside the clan war map is aligned from most powerful to weakest. This can be useful to know for scouting out an enemy to attack on Battle Day. It’s best to target the player which will give you the most stars and which you can beat.

Don't cancel any builds that are upgrading. Your base is cloned into the war map and any buildings that are under construction will work as the highest completed level.
Your traps will be reloaded automatically during the clan war.

Battle Day
Each player can attack twice.
Each player can be attacked twice, but only the best attack counts.
You cannot attack the same player twice yourself.
The goal is to gather as many stars as possible.

  • Town Hall = 1 Star
  • 50% Elimination = 1 Star
  • 100% Elimination = 1 Star

Only the best attack against each enemy counts, so clan strategy is key! Do not attack an enemy that has already been beaten for 3 stars. You will not gain any stars for our side. Try to spread out attacks to destroy all your enemies and get more stars.

It’s best to target the player which will give you the most stars and which you can beat.

What is Spectator Mode? This happens when you are ineligible. Either you joined the clan after we began the war or you have been placed in Spectator Mode to balance the war.

Winning clans get a battle bonus.
Losing clans get some resources but much less than the winner.

Rough first war:

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May 21, 2014, 9:15:32 PM
yracsobooster wrote

Close! I'm still upgrading and I'll be ready next fight.

Jun 5, 2014, 2:11:11 PM
Kanter wrote

I may be late to the party, but I asked for an invite to the clan. I'd appreciate it if I could join you all there.

Jun 5, 2014, 2:14:32 PM
Zeli wrote

Ah! Can you re-apply and make sure you put "from AofA" in your notes?

We get quite a few random requests that we just delete.

Jul 24, 2014, 3:01:49 AM
thatoneguy wrote

I am the leader of the real Army of Awesome, which I started about a year ago. If any of you want to join a clan that actually is awesome, there's space for about 6 more. We are about 44 members strong and we win most of our wars. Think about it. I'm level 95. I can give you literally any troop you want, some that you might not have even heard of. I have level 3 pekkas and dragons. Just go for it. No one will even notice you left Disorganized Gathering of Unimpressive and Weak. Next time you think about stealing my ideas... Think again. Do you want to know what it's like to tell your friends to search for your clan but be told that they can't find it because of noncreative chumps? No, you don't. Your friends just have to look for the clan that's holding on to existence by a thread. It will be a cold day in hell that I just sit back and watch a couple of lousy ne'er do wells shit all over my hopes and dreams as a clash of clans player. I hope that one day I find your base, Zeli, and my witches conjure up demons from hell that burn your town hall down to nothing. I hope that you can live with what you've done. So I bid you a good day but in a heavily sarcastic tone, and wish to see you on the battlefield, sir or madam.

Jul 24, 2014, 1:57:06 PM
Belghast wrote

Wow serious internet troll is serious :)

Clash of Clans is serious business folks! Don't you get it!


I think this post is the most adorable thing I have read in weeks. So serious and tough!

Edited by Belghast Jul 24, 2014, 2:16:00 PM.
Jul 24, 2014, 2:52:55 PM
Zeli wrote

Well if you ever do find my base, I'm sure you will burn it down to nothing. Most people do. It's not a big deal.

Aug 6, 2014, 2:52:52 PM
yracsobooster wrote

I pissed myself laughing! I'm serious, I might use this well thought out energy to write the best book known to man. CLASSIC!

Aug 14, 2014, 5:49:05 AM
thatoneguy wrote

glad you guys didn't take it seriously haha. i really don't care. and zeli i didn't mean that lol

Jul 6, 2015, 10:30:27 PM
Zeli wrote

Okay, I goofed big time!

We were at like 25+ people but only have 5 active members. As you can imagine, we're getting stomped in 25v25 wars because of this. So I removed a few inactives to get us to 10v10 range (minimum for warring) and the hope is that we'll be a bit more competitive again.

AND today I found out that I could set people as inactive for wars (I wasn't starting wars previously so I didn't know this was possible) and I didn't have to boot them. SO IF you were one of the people who were booted in this horrible cull-mistake, just search "Army of Awesome" with zelibeli in the membership and ask to be reinvited and we'll accept you back with open arms.

and if you'd like to be more active, that would be cool too. :)

Edited by Zeli Jul 6, 2015, 10:30:39 PM.
Jul 13, 2015, 2:33:06 PM
Zeli wrote

We had a nice surge of new membership this weekend thanks to Pazzolupo merging his clan into Army of Awesome. I don't think there's anyone from AofA actually playing anymore, so I'll leave this thread by saying, you're all still welcome but I'll move "discussion" back to the MP boards.


Apr 7, 2016, 10:39:15 AM
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Apr 17, 2018, 3:33:17 AM
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