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Code of Conduct

Topic started by Autumn Jun 17, 2014, 1:34:03 PM.
Jun 17, 2014, 1:34:03 PM
Autumn wrote

1. Behaviour
We expect our members to behave in a mature, respectful and polite manner towards other members and players alike. Whilst humor and lighthearted conversations are encouraged, we do not tolerate any racist, sexist or religious insensitive comments. Even whilst you mean no offence, it can still be hurtful to others.

2. Participation
We expect our members to actively participate in guild activities, primarily raids and fractals.

  • During scheduled guild activities, you are expected to prioritise participating in the guild activity over solo/PUG play.
  • All events/activities in the guild are listed on our Nook, and members are required to sign up for attendance.

We expect our members to join Discord when asked.
(We would like basic acknowledgement of commands & necessary communication.)

Warn us if you are going to be inactive and/or missing for an extended period of time.
Being off-line for 1 month or more without notice, or lack of participation in general will result in removal from the guild.

3. Representation
We expect our members to represent the guild during group activities and social events.

4. Promotion
After a 2-week period in the guild, your activity and commitment will be evaluated by the Leader and Officers, and if deemed fitting for the guild, you will be promoted to full member.

5. Leadership

  • Important guild decisions are discussed openly with the guild. The Guild Leader makes the final decisions after consultation with the Officers.
  • Recruitment, promotion and removal of members is handled by the Leader and the Officers.
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