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Nov 8, 2014, 8:54:57 PM
jeirhart wrote

Welcome to our Anook home, MechWarrior!

Perhaps you found us via our thread on the MWO: Forums. Perhaps via our Teamspeak 3 channel. Maybe even a Google search. Or maybe you witnessed our exploits first hand in-game and want to find out more about our unit.

Regardless, welcome once more to Jade Falcon Prime!

Interested in joining up with the unit as a full MechWarrior? Here is what you need to get started:

  • Create an Anook account. You will need to follow this nook as well.
  • AND an account on our sister site, the JFMA, preferably using the same name as you do in-game.
  • Follow our Nook by clicking the button on the left-hand side below the banner. This will allow us to assign your permissions and grant you access to more information.
  • Read all the threads on this board. These are the important documents that outline how our unit is structured and what you can expect to find when dropping with us in battle.
  • If you have any questions regarding what you find there or require clarification, message one of our Falconers or other Officers (see Officer Contacts).
  • Create a thread in our Recruitment Hall titled "Transfer : [In game name]". Paste the questions below into the post and fill it in with answers.


In Game Name:
How you found us:
Previous online units (any game):
Roles enjoy (scout, missile support, assault, etc):
Clan Mechs currently owned:
Battletech lore knowledge:
Previous Battletech/Mechwarrior games (including tabletop):
External skills (coding, admin, ex-military, Photoshop, etc):
Self Description:

Availability (Example below). Note: these are times you can be available for scheduled events NOT times that you will be online.

TimeZone: PST
Monday: 5pm-12am
Tuesday: 3pm-8pm
Wednesday: N/A
Thursday: 10am-2pm, 7pm-12am
Friday: 3pm-8pm
Saturday: 5pm-12am
Sunday: N/A


Once all steps are completed, our Falconers will reach out to you and help guide you through the next steps in becoming a full MechWarrior of Jade Falcon Prime!

In the meantime, our TeamSpeak channel is on the Clan Jade Falcon Central Communication Hub . Click here to go there once TeamSpeak is installed

We would prefer you use the same Nickname there as you do on this website. Remember to Bookmark the server so that you can quickly connect next time. Once you are on the server, scroll down until you reach Clan Jade Falcon - Prime area. Join and start dropping with us!

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Feb 1, 2015, 12:28:13 PM
SethV1.2a wrote

Having trouble posting a recruitment message? Make sure you follow this nook by clicking the "Follow this nook" above the left menu.

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Feb 4, 2016, 4:28:57 PM
Ultramek wrote

Just an FYI for our guys, I added a slot on the application for an email address. Seems like a huge oversight not to get that in the main document, even if it is part of the JFMA sign up.

For recruits I promise we won't send you penis pill ads.