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Transfer: Avathar

Topic started by Avathar Feb 13, 2016, 2:27:57 AM.
Feb 13, 2016, 2:27:57 AM
Avathar wrote

In Game Name:Avathar
How you found us: via MWO forum
Previous online units (any game): GRR ((Greatly Reduced Recoil) Battlefield 2 and 3 outfit
Roles enjoy (scout, missile support, assault, etc): heavy and assault
Clan Mechs currently owned: 2 Warkawks ( warhark Prime warhawk A
Battletech lore knowledge: played mechwarrior 2 (as well as mercs) mechwarrior 3 i also read the mechwarrior 2 manual
Previous Battletech/Mechwarrior games (including tabletop):mechwarrior 2 (as well as mercs) mechwarrior 3
External skills (coding, admin, ex-military, Photoshop, etc): sales product development
Self Description: 44 got my own business. creative and practical. flunked law school (UvA)

Availability (Example below). Note: these are times you can be available for scheduled events NOT times that you will be online.

TimeZone: CET (+1)
Monday: 5pm-12am
Tuesday: 5pm-12am
Wednesday: 5pm-12am
Thursday: 5pm-12am
Friday: 5pm-12am
Saturday: 5pm-12am
Sunday: 5pm-12am
depending on mood and stuff. but usually availible

Feb 13, 2016, 2:29:23 AM
Backinblack3333 wrote