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Heldor Greenarrow

Topic started by HeldorGreenarrow May 27, 2016, 6:06:15 PM.
May 27, 2016, 6:06:15 PM
HeldorGreenarrow wrote

Nickname (What you want us to call you): Heldor

Age: 21

Gender: M

Location and time zone: Turin, Italy (GMT+1)

Work/Study: Business Management (bachelor degree)

Hobbies: playing the piano, swimming (used to be a sport, became a hobby with university), reading, writing

What is your GW2 account name (If your application is accepted, we need to find you. Please include the numbers, for example Player.1234): Heldor.5346

What Guild Wars 2 server are you currently located on? Underworld

Why do you want to join Mist Angels, what can you offer us? Honestly, I prefer talking about this directly with the guild leader, on Discord or in /w chat.

What do you hope Mist Angels will bring to you? Fun, hopefully. And self-improvement.

How did you hear about us? GW2 forum. Had to scroll through comments, since the thread was pretty old.

Present yourself in a few lines... Me as a player and me as a person are pretty different. What's unchanged is I'm a social person, willing to help and to join groups, blunt and ambitious.

What are your ambitions in GW2? I'd want to call myself a top notch player; I've been top tier in League of Legends and I've been top tier in 4story, hopefully I can make it even in GW2.

What profession is your main character? Druid.

Why did you choose that profession? Always started MMOs as an Assassin and always got screwed in PvP and sometimes even PvE 'cause of this choice, so I decided to pick a straight-forward class. Didn't knew Ranger would've been like this after specialisation, but I like it.

What level is your main character? 80. Mastery Rank 108 (edited).

What is your main character's name? Heldor Greenarrow.

Are you interested in Raids? Of course I am :S

Do you have Ascended quality gear? Full ascended on main, working on ascended set for Tempest and DH too.

Are you part of another guild? Yup.

Are you also applying to another guild? Didn't understood this question but, again, I'd prefer talking about this directly with guild leader on Discord or in /w chat.

What type of player are you? (Hardcore, casual, social etc.): Social, for sure, 'cause I don't like playing games alone. Can be called Hardcore as well, tho, I guess.

What is your favourite activity in Guild Wars 2? (WvW, PvP, Dungeons, Fractals,Raids): Raids and Fractals. And sPvP as well.

What other game(s) do you play? I've been playing League of Legends for 5 seasons, but I quit about 2 months ago, when I came back to GW2 (quit right after beta lol).

We use Discord for a lot of our grouped fun, are you willing to install it? (no mic is needed, but it is welcomed): already have Discord, some of my friends use it. Not an expert Discord user, tho lol.

Anything else you would like us to know about you? I guess you'll know me by yourselves if you'll accept me in guild ;)

Have you read our Mist Angels Code of Conduct and do you approve? Winter is coming (I hope whoever chose this as "secret password" read the books and didn't watch GoT only, 'cause those are WAAAY better than the tv series :P).

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May 29, 2016, 7:01:14 PM
Autumn wrote

Hello @HeldorGreenarrow

Thank you for submitting an application and sorry for the late response. Most of the application looks decent and it seems you'd fit in well. I will need to have a conversation with you at some point since you mention needing to do so in your app.

You'll be sent an invite ASAP by an officer, in the meantime please press the follow button on the nook. Welcome to Mist Angels!


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May 30, 2016, 2:13:41 AM
HeldorGreenarrow wrote

@Autumn Should be following it, never used this kind of forum :X Lemme know if I screwed :S