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Transfer: Seraphinx

Topic started by Seraphinx Jul 17, 2016, 9:33:17 AM.
Jul 17, 2016, 9:33:17 AM
Seraphinx wrote

In Game Name: Seraphinx
How you found us: MWO Clan Jade Falcon Forum
Previous online units (any game): Phoenix Royal Guard (Alliance) / Phoenix Blood Guard (Horde) (WoW; Guild leader was Military. They knew me as "Rham"... they haven't been active for some time; not sure you'd be able to contact them. Guild leader was "Athena"). After they left, I joined "Bushido", but they're not doing much these days. Also spent some time in Silver Hand Clan, casual guild formed by a former PRG.
Roles enjoy (scout, missile support, assault, etc): Scout, LRM-boating, Brawler, Sniper
Clan Mechs currently owned: ACH-PRIME, KDK-1, KDK-3, KDK-SB
Battletech lore knowledge: Not much; I used to play the BT TBT game, and have long had a fascination w/ the franchise, but I didn't delve deeply into it. I recognize some house/clan names, have a general eye for some 'mechs, but I don't consider myself a Battletech/MechWarrior oficionado.
Previous Battletech/Mechwarrior games (including tabletop): BT TBT, MechWarrior RPG (though not much), Videogames: MW1-4 (ages ago)...... MechAssault 1 & 2 (yes, I am ashamed of that). I actually got to preview MA2, and wrote up a piece for (now basically dead). MA2 was just flat out horrible.
External skills (coding, admin, ex-military, Photoshop, etc): 3D CAD Modeling
Self Description: Former hardcore gamer, now I have kids, so don't have time for all that. I've played a wide variety of genres, in tabletop, PNP, and videogames. Smart-ass sense of humor, but respectful of people's boundaries, and take the game seriously. I take orders well... prefer to be the grunt. I can make decisions on my own, but I don't have any particular desire to lead. My interest is fairly casual... I want to drop in faction play, with good people, and be an asset to the team. Not interested in tournaments, or anything super highly competitive.

I haven't been playing MWO very long, but I feel I've made good progress, in part due to my prior experience w/ old-school MW games, and gaming in general. I've had a lot of PUGs, where I score in the top 3 match score, my dmg (KDK-3) pretty regularly breaks 500... my best match was well over 1k. That said, I've also had some stinkers... I'm still learning; still make mistakes. Some maps I know better than others. My roster is weak, but I DO have a plan for it. I recently got the ACH-PRIME... still kicking the tires on it, but I'm enjoying it. My KDK-3 is mastered, quad UAC10s, both UAC10 modules, Radar Deprivation & Adv. zoom. My KDK-SB (also mastered) is configured w/ (4) LRM15s currently (considering Artemis build).... w/ MASC, it makes for a fast-responder. Also packs a UAC-10 for fending off lights, and TAG laser. My KDK-1 is kinda an all-arounder, which I don't play much, but can't bear to get rid of. (U C WUT I DID THAR?)


TimeZone: EST
Monday: 9pm-12am ish
Tuesday: 9pm-12am ish
Wednesday: 9pm-12am ish
Thursday: 9pm-12am ish
Friday: 9pm-12am ish
Saturday: Varies
Sunday: Varies

Special note: As I said, I'm a daddy, so... kids come first. My schedule is thus at their discretion, more or less. :) Full disclosure: I have a 7 month old, who VASTLY sleeps through daddy's game time, but I cannot guarantee 100% no AFK-ing... 99%, yes. In all my time, I think I've had two instances where I had to AFK for 2m tops, one in which I came back to land 6 kills, and score top damage. (true story... I was shocked, lol). I do everything I can to minimize the risk... if I saw a bad night coming, I wouldn't drop in the first place, but... it is what it is.

Sep 28, 2016, 12:35:05 AM
kaiowarez wrote

Seraphinx we moved website its not due to inactivity we were undergoing restructure and a full rebuild but if your interested to join we would gladly have you