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ESO Application Ildil

Topic started by Ildil Jun 30, 2017, 9:23:15 PM.
Jun 30, 2017, 9:23:15 PM
Ildil wrote

Name and/or nickname: ildil
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Location and/or timezone: UK - GMT
Work/Study: I am a IT Consultant for Warehouse Management Systems
Hobbies except gaming: I am an avid film goer - pretty much will watch anything, not so keen on horror films though.
Game you are applying for: I am applying for Elder Scrolls Online

YOU, as a person
Here you can write a few sentences about yourself: I am normally very busy at work - which can get quite demanding at time, I like to chillout in a game. For a long time that was LOTRO but may of the people that played with have moved on. Now I play as often as I can. I enjoy most aspects of ESO not so much PVP mostly because I am soooo terrible. I like to have a chat and have a laugh. I am pretty chilled out and relaxed.
(If you can't come up with anything, you can just answer the following questions.)

Your favorite color: Sparkles
Your favorite book or magazine: Lord of the Rings / A Song of Fire and Ice
Your favorite movie or TV-Show: Massive fan of all sci fi and fantasy. Guilty pleasure Greys Anatomy Your favorite song or band: Angels and Airwaves, Linkin Park, Stone Sour - a very wide appreciation of music
Your favorite animal: Dogs!
YOU, as a gamer

The games you currently play: ESO, Destiny, Horizon Zero Dawn - mostly ESO atm.
The games you will play in the future: Destiny 2
Your best memory in game: Clearing Raids in LOTRO. After weeks of learning mechanics and gearing.
Your more shameful moment in game: What type of gamer are you? (social/hardcore/explorer/achiever?) A bit of all I guess, depending on work and RL comitments. How did you hear about us? Elloa's Youtube video
Why do you want to join Whitestar? I have read the forum posts and like the sound of what Whitestar is building Do you already know anyone in Whitestar? Nope

If you apply for The Elder Scrolls Online

Account name: ildil
Character(s) you play (name, classes and role, level): Sayda DK L50 / ildil Warden L23 and a few other toons
Are you part of other guilds? If yes, how will you divide your time between Whitestar and your other guild? Only trading Guilds
What is your favorite activity in ESO? At the moment I am running my warden through cyrodiil hunting skyshards What are your ambitions in ESO? I would like to push through some Dungeons
What do you wish from Whitestar as an ESO player? A relaxed guild with plenty of people around to chat with about ESO and a great many other topics.

Jul 1, 2017, 2:19:50 PM
Savian wrote

Hey and welcome! I'll pass your application on to the ESO officers and leave the floor open for questions :D

We'll get back to you within 72 hours with a decision, good luck!

Jul 1, 2017, 6:00:11 PM
Ildil wrote

Hi Savian

Thanks very much

Jul 2, 2017, 11:16:11 AM
MCFranks wrote

Hey Ildil

You sound like a a really chill adventurer from you application details and that is just what we are all about, having fun questing, skyshard hunting and making our own adventures.

I want to make something clear for you though because of this statement you made:

"How did you hear about us? Elloa's Youtube video"

Elloa is no longer with us as she has decided to move onto other personal projects, I just wanted to make sure you knew this before deciding to join.

I would be more than happy to extend invitation to you as I am an officer of the ESO guild but I would also like to give @Dragostea (Guild Master )and @boinged (Commanding Officer) the chance to review your application too.

Jul 2, 2017, 3:34:30 PM
Ildil wrote

Hi MCFranks

From reading all of the information in the recruitment posts, the points you raise and the type of people you are looking for sounds like a guild/community I would like to be part of, irrespective of Elloa being around.

I am just looking for some chill folks to have a good time with. But I understand why you asked.

There are many parts of Elder Scrolls Online that I have not yet had the chance to experience.

Cheers muchly

Jul 2, 2017, 7:31:06 PM
MCFranks wrote

Awesome, Glad we are on the same page :)

Jul 3, 2017, 3:46:34 PM
MCFranks wrote

Dear Ildil
Congratulations I would like to formally accept your request to join Whitestar, Today the 3/7/2017 is the start of your months trial to see how you like the guild.

Should you need to go away please let us know via this thread: Away Thread

Also I would advise if you haven't already to get Discord because we are very active on there.

I will be on TESO tonight around 8pm GMT onward to invite you.

Jul 3, 2017, 11:53:40 PM
boinged wrote

Hi Ildil,

Welcome to the guild! I think you will be a good fit and enjoy your time here.

I'm in summer mode currently and have a few things going on IRL so not as active as usual but hope to see you in game soon.

Jul 4, 2017, 9:03:26 AM
Ildil wrote

Thanks for the invite. I had a late evening at work yesterday. I will most definitely be online tonight.

I will get hold of discord asap.

See you in game.


Jul 4, 2017, 9:53:38 AM
MCFranks wrote

Okay I will message you tonight when I get on @Ildil :)

Aug 3, 2017, 4:50:30 PM
MCFranks wrote

@Ildil You have been a Trial guild member for over a month now and I am officially upgrading you from Trial to full membership, I'll give you congratulations next time i see you in game and If you would like you can have my next Vampire bite when it becomes available :)