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[WoW Application] - Raege [approved]

Topic started by Raege Jul 13, 2017, 12:03:29 PM.
Jul 13, 2017, 12:03:29 PM
Raege wrote

Name and/or nickname: Raege
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Location and/or timezone: Finland +2 GMT
Work/Study: Looking for work
Hobbies except gaming: 2d/3d art, languages, trying new things, trolling Ashen.
Game you are applying for: WoW

YOU, as a person:

I'm an eternally confused person living on Leaf Island. As per Finnish tradition I'm not very talkative and can appear quite aloof on the surface. My interests and attention tends to jump around quite wildly and it's pretty easy, albeit slow, to get me hyped for things. I've been known to be quite stubborn and not giving up when challenges occur. I may or may not have once spent 14 hours "progress raiding" a trial in FFXIV ._.

Your favorite color: Purple
Your favorite book or magazine: Don't really have a favourite but I'm currently reading and enjoying World of Thedas Vol. 2
Your favorite movie or TV-Show: The Expanse and Game of Thrones share a spot in my heart
Your favorite song or band: I generally listen to music with nice rhythm to it and game soundtracks.

Your favorite animal: I like foxes... and cats.. and budgies... and tigers... uh... I just like animals :D

YOU, as a gamer

The games you currently play: WoW, GW2, Dragon's Dogma, DAI, DOS:EE
The games you will play in the future: Steam Sale happened so uh... too many to list?
Your best memory in game: Not really an in-game memory but I was very hyped for GW2 years before it came out and damn did the first beta weekend feel good.
Your more shameful moment in game: I uh... may or may not have spent 14 hours on a boss fight just to find out the debuff that was screwing us at 1% could be dispelled. oops.
What type of gamer are you? (social/hardcore/explorer/achiever?) I'm a Social Explorer with occasional HC tendencies. I only do achievements if I have to or want the reward.
How did you hear about us? Droxx told Ashen and Ashen told me.
Why do you want to join Whitestar? I've been hearing you're quite a cool bunch of people. I also know a few of the people who have applied or are applying atm. I also know from experience that WoW can get quite boring unguilded and alone so I thought I'd try joining a guild this time.
Do you already know anyone in Whitestar? Droxx. I also know Slythas and Ashen who are on trial.

If you apply for World of Warcraft

What is your ingame character name (main): Brannegan
What is your class and role (main): Shaman. Quite 50/50 split between resto and enhancement but leaning more on enhancement atm.
What is your current item level: I'm in the process of speeding to 110.
Do you have any significant alts: I have a 110 druid on another server and a 100 paladin on AG.
Do you have any problems being on, and participating in, voicechat during raids: Nope.
What is your favorite activity ingame and why: I like transmogging and pet battles but what keeps me logging on is group content.
Do you want to raid or are you applying for a social spot: I'm not 110 yet so social spot for now but I would quite like to do raids again once I have decent gear.
What do you, as a player, want from Whitestar: People to chat and do stuff with.

Edited by Savian Jul 14, 2017, 1:43:19 PM.
Jul 13, 2017, 12:49:57 PM
Savian wrote

Hey and welcome Raege! I guess with you applying I can finally cross the last person off my bingo card (for now) :D Also don't worry, we have some Finnish people in the guild already so we know what's up ;)

As usual this application will be open for 72 hours to give folks a chance to reply and ask stuff before we get back to you.

So here it goes! What made you pick Shaman of all classes to powerlevel on AD and what is your favourite Battle Pet (you can pick 2, 1 for battling and 1 for appearance)?

Jul 13, 2017, 2:42:43 PM
Raege wrote

Shaman... hmm... I'm one of those niche people who love playing the support classes, but alas those are no longer really a thing. So when it comes to WoW I tend to go for the hybrids. I was playing a moonkin at legion launch but it just wasn't that enjoyable at open world. So as I came back to WoW I decided I wanted to have a melee DPS spec. I knew I wanted a class with healing spec too since I occasionally enjoy doing that too and didn't wanna sit in the DPS queues. Now I could have just transferred my druid but while the class' QoL features are amazing, the gameplay wasn't really my piece of cake. I also know from my previous adventure as WoD paladin that the only spec I liked was the tank one. So it was either Monk or Shaman and as I knew I will never ever tank and liked that shaman had both ranged and melee DPS, I went with Shaman.

As for pets my Dark Whelpling is my favourite. It was the first rarer pet I got in the game when I first started playing. Anubisath Idol is the one that gets the most use due to just being great for pretty much every battle tho :D

Jul 13, 2017, 3:28:34 PM
Ashen wrote
Hobbies: [...] trolling Ashen

Edited by Ashen Jul 13, 2017, 3:28:53 PM.
Jul 13, 2017, 5:53:50 PM
Savian wrote

Whelplings + Idol = awesomeness. That is all!

Jul 14, 2017, 1:43:06 PM
Savian wrote

I'm happy to officially welcome you to Whitestar, Raege! Your Trial starts today, the 14th of July. You have one month to test Whitestar and see if it's the right place for you. Don't forget to follow Whitestar on Anook so we can give you the proper rank. If you're going to be missing or inactive, please let us know in this thread: AFK (Note that after ONE month of unexplained inactivity a Trial is removed from the guild and community.)

Introduce yourself and read about your comrades here: The Introduce Yourself Thread
Check out our Events page to see what we've got going on!

Take your first steps as a trial and visit this forum with important information: IMPORTANT We try to promote its use so our members know who is playing what game. Among other things you'll find our Discord info there

To get invited to the WOW guild you may want to contact @Savian or @Agagor or, if neither is online, contact any member and ask if an officer is on an alt or otherwise available.

Good luck and enjoy!

Jul 14, 2017, 5:05:29 PM
Ghostwing wrote

Welcome :)