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Jaam Application [accepted]

Topic started by Jaam Oct 20, 2018, 8:34:32 PM.
Oct 20, 2018, 8:34:32 PM
Jaam wrote

Application form

Name and/or nickname: Dan/ JAAM
Location and/or timezone: GMT
Work/Study: Work
Hobbies except gaming: Painting and playing Warhammer, D&D and Photography
Game you are applying for: WoW (I have ESO as well but only just started playing!)
YOU, as a person
Here you can write a few sentences about yourself:

HI, I'm Dan, I've been playing WoW since TBC, I am looking for a social guild that I can do M+'s with and hop in and fill a spot if needed in a raid. I love transmog runs and farming mounts (the mount thing is a new obession!) I was in a horde Guild with Aeyvi, on Defias called Benevolent. That was probably the most fun I've had in the game so far!

The games you currently play: WoW, ESO and some Playstation games.

The games you will play in the future: Red Dead Redemption
Your best memory in game: Staying up until stupid O'clock in the morning with Aeyvi and another old guildie farming Coren Direbrew while drinking Whisky ( I think Aeyvi was drinking Port.) We made a lot of gold!

Your more shameful moment in game:Erm, Probably popping bloodlust after hearing someone saying dont pop BL yet
What type of gamer are you? (social/hardcore/explorer/achiever?) I am a social gamer, I've moved my Paladin over to AD to give tanking a go. So looking to get some dungeons and M+'s a go. I'll also be doing mount/ Tmog runs when the expac settles down a bit!

How did you hear about us? The wonderful Aeyvi!

Why do you want to join Whitestar? I've heard you are all a nice bunch and I would like to be part of your community :)

Do you already know anyone in Whitestar? Aeyvi and Ama the breaker

If you apply for World of Warcraft

What is your ingame character name (main): Jaam!

What is your class and role (main):Paladin Prot/Holy

What is your current item level: 303 gearing up!

Do you have any significant alts: I have 1 of each class at 110 or above, I have a 110 warlock on AD called Mortune and a 111 Demon hunter called Jaamus on AD Alliance. I have a 120 Horde Hunter called Jaam on Defias and a 120 Monk called Jaamonk there with the other alts!

Do you have any problems being on, and participating in, voicechat during raids: nope

What is your favorite activity ingame and why: I love PvE I also like doing M+'s. I also like farming old Tmog gear, nothing quite like getting that weapon or shoulders you've been after!

Do you want to raid or are you applying for a social spot: Social, however with enough notice I could fill in a healing or tanking spot but cant commit to a full time spot.

What do you, as a player, want from Whitestar: Just to be part of the community and help where I can!

Edited by Savian Oct 20, 2018, 8:45:57 PM.
Oct 20, 2018, 8:45:41 PM
Savian wrote

I'm happy to officially welcome you to Whitestar, Jaam! Don't forget to follow Whitestar on Anook so we can give you the proper rank. If you're going to be missing or inactive, please let us know in this thread: AFK

Introduce yourself and read about your comrades here: The Introduce Yourself Thread
Check out our Events page to see what we've got going on!

Take your first steps and visit this forum with important information: IMPORTANT We try to promote its use so our members know who is playing what game. Among other things you'll find our Discord info there which is where most of the action happens!

Good luck and enjoy!

Oct 21, 2018, 12:58:25 PM
Aeyvi wrote

Ooh welcome Jaam, I'm so sorry that I didn't see this! Its nice to see you here and I hope you enjoy your stay with WS.

For any more info on Jaam you can always check Bene forums they are still there *evil cackle*..

Any yep, that would have been Port.. so, so much port. We did make a billionmillion gold each though, I just remember laughing so much :).