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March 17-March 24 Q&A

Topic started by Reinhart Mar 17, 2013, 6:42:54 PM.
Mar 17, 2013, 6:42:54 PM
Reinhart wrote

Hey do you have any questions regarding Death Knights and WoW PvP?! Well ask here and I will include them in my VLOG

Mar 17, 2013, 7:34:58 PM
GrimChaos wrote

Just want to know your thoughts on frost this patch, dual wielding , and runic corruption vs runic empowerment. I know your claim to fame is Unholy DK , but you are still one of the best overall :)

Mar 18, 2013, 2:31:34 AM
Crudelitaz wrote

My guild wants to try out Blood DK as RBG FC. I have been a target calling Frost/UH on most of my DKs for a while now, but I was the only one with the balls to say, "sure". I do not mind Blood, but what do you think? Did the changes make Blood spec viable for high rated RBGS?

Mar 21, 2013, 11:15:52 PM
GrimChaos wrote

Great new layout on your youtube channel! Your video "Mists of Pandaria: Inside and out of Death Knight PvP Talents" gave an answer to my runic corruption vs runic empowerment question. I am still wondering about your thoughts on dual wielding as a DK. Double forging crusader procs all the time when I tested it as frost. Thanks again for all your knowledge.

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Mar 22, 2013, 4:52:17 PM
StigiBengBeng wrote

Hey Reinhart!
I got few questions, and I hope that this questions won't be super newbish :P
I have noticed that PvP Resilience is not making huge difference right now, according to WoW Armory I got 9292 PvP Resiliance, and it gives me 66.53% reduced damage, and on the other hand u got 8417 Resiliance, and this gives u 65.08% reduced damage... wooot? 875 difference in resil, and it gives me only 1.45% more defense... so my question is: Is resiliance worth geming that much in this patch? I think in 5.1, it use to be top priority, right? Also I read an article, about pvp resiliance changes etc. and there I read that now it scales linearly, so every 100 resil will give us 1.42% effective health, and now I'm confused - how does this damage reduction is scaled comparing with this so called "effective health"? Shouldn't I have like 8.75 * 1.42% = ~12.42% more damage reduction? (Its kind of hard for me to explain, what I mean here, English is not my native language, I hope more or less u get what I mean... and when I'm talking about % damage reduction, of course I mean the % that is shown in the wow armory next to PvP Resiliance stat).
So if I'm not mistaken, and PvP Resiliance is not that important right now, wouldn't it be better idea to fill up blue gem slots with this gems called: "Tense Imperial Amethyst" (+80 Strength and +160 PvP Power), instead of "Vivid Wild Jade" (+160 PvP Power and +160 PvP Resilience)? I'm kind of testing the purple ones currently, but I'm far from being pro DK, so can't rly decide on this gems...
Also I'm wondering, does strength still increases UH DK damage more then PvP power? Coz as far as I remember (and if I understood it correctly), u made a video in 5.1 and showed that strength actually increases DKs damage more then pvp power, is it still the same this patch?
And a last thing (sorry for asking so many questions at once, when I started this post, I didn't think that It will be so much :P), in this article I mentioned earlier, it was said that in some cases PvE weapons and trinkets, might actually be better choice then PvP items, what do u think about this, do u agree/have u ever thought about that? If it is true, It is kind of disturbing, coz which PvPer want to go on raids, to do better in PvP... wth blizz?

I hope its not too much what I wrote here, and that its more or less understandable :P I was wondering about this things for a while now, and I would really appreciate if u could at least answer some of my questions :) I really enjoy the content u provide on youtube, love ur stream (unfortunately, can't watch it too often due to time difference ;'( ), and I can't wait till u finish your job, and start doing videos frequently :) Wish u luck, and crossing fingers for ya mate!


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