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Dark Souls III - All Bosses by Dahlia

Dahlia vs All Bosses of Dark Souls III in her first playthrough, recorded from livestreams on, most solo, some with a little help of her friends ;)


00:00:01 Iudex Gundyr

00:02:08 Vordt of the Boreal Valley

00:04:02 Curse-Rotted Greatwood

00:08:31 Crystal Sage

00:10:58 Deacons of the Deep

00:15:54 Abyss Watchers

00:20:50 Old Demon King

00:22:54 High Lord Wolnir

00:25:35 Pontiff Sulyvahn

00:28:25 Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

00:30:28 Yhorm the Giant

00:39:37 Dancer of the Boreal Valley

00:43:19 Oceiros, the Consumed King

00:46:21 Champion Gundyr

00:48:28 Ancient Wyvern

00:52:11 Dragonslayer Armour

00:54:28 Lorian, Elder Prince

00:56:46 Lothric, Younger Prince / Lorian, Elder Prince

1:01:31 King of the Storm

1:03:40 Nameless King

1:09:09 Soul of Cinder