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Vlog - Thank you Zen, ESO Progress and 2k Subs!!

Thank you so much for 2k subs! Shoutout to Zenimax for sharing one of my videos and what else is happening this week? Another super rambling video talking about all this and more

  • Apr 4, 2015, 12:00:11 PM

Concerning your build, that's a bit what @Internet is doing: using the two hander for buffing his dual wielding. Not sure how this would mix up with the Nightblade class, though. It might not synergies as well than with a dragonknight. Concerning your video, it's not freezing anymore. My problem had been solved when I undusted my computer. It was filled of dust! Have you played Evolve? Seriously if you have some spare money, get that game, and come play with me and Intenet. It's really fun to take a break from ESO. It's a very immersive and excitting shooter game. We could do some video about it, would be fun! hehe!