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Male, 22 years old, lives in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

About Vijo

What's so special about me?

Weeeeell, not very much!
I try to interact as much as possible with my viewers and I hope that I can deliver an enjoyable experience. I will do achievement runs on this channel and I dearly hope that I can help others with their struggles, just hit me up and I can join you in game or talk with you about different strategies that I used in order to tackle a certain boss or achievement. I do like most video game genres. Same for music, I only dislike the 'extreme' versions of music styles. Oh and also I'm Vijo (or Alexander Ott, if you wanna call me by my real name) from Germany. I can also teach you a bit about different languages, for example I can speak German and English fluently, Spanish is getting better with every day and I also know a few phrases in Japanese, Russian and French.. Oh and also that one time that I learned Latin, yeah.. I can totally speak Latin! *cough*

Streaming times: (
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: (GMT+1) 7pm-9pm

Saturday and Sunday: (GMT+1) 4pm-7pm

Keep in mind this is the least I will do, I will also stream at random times or longer than the usual schedule. If I do not manage to stream at a certain time, I will announce this on my Twitter or even make a small stream saying that I don't have the time or that I am too exhausted for it right now (or similar). Link to said Twitter: ****

Last updated Jan 1, 2017, 10:50:31 PM