In Whitestar, becoming a member, a Whitestarian is something to celebrate. It means that we have discovered new friends, that our core and the heart of our community is growing. Today, we are celebrating the promotion of seven new friends, that along the last weeks have proven to be part of our family. Each of them have spent more than one month in Whitestar before deciding that it was the home for them, the right place for them to enjoy friendship and play games. Each of them have offered a Gift to the community, to prove their affection. Today, from the bottom of our heart, we are welcoming them a second time, and we are thanking them for their presence, their compagny, their friendship. THANK YOU!

@PedroAlmeidaTV has proven his friendship by insisting and convincing @Alakina, our WOW guild leader to try The Elder Scrolls Online: Back then, he didn't knew her and wasn't playing with her. But that's excactly the spirit of Whitestar: be friends no matters the games we plays or do not play: Once Alakina joined ESO, he offered her her dream horse!
Thank you Pedro! We hope you will find your dream job and be back playing with us very soon!

Since the first day, @Baggie had shown a warm hearth, a kindness and a dedication to the community. Always ready to help, to participate to guild activities: He proved his friendship by installing Tera a game he didn't enjoyed, and bought Wildstar, he wasn't interested by in first place, to continue to play with everyone else!
To show his friendship, he gathered players of The Elder Scrolls Online for a screenshot in the very first place het met the guild.
Thank you Baggie! We hope you to have a great life with the ones you love and to spent many more time with us!

The only fact that @Vonblack is playing with us is a prove in itself of his friendship. Living beyond Lands and Oceans, the time zones are cruels, we certainly have not enough occasion to spent time with him! However every event shared together had been a great moment! I could not forget this wonderful Banished Cells run, and Vonblack playing his baby nightblade (created to look alike his beloved wife) and being one shotted by the Final Boss. To prove his friendship, Vonblack has offered to everyone playing ESO in Whitestar a Humble Dagger, a token to recieve a weapon of our choice.
Thank you Vonblack! We hope you take care of your real life, everything happens smoothly, and will have more time to play with us soon!

@gcdarko toke some times to reveal himself within the community. What grow slowly is often more solid and strong. Dedicated to The Elder Scrolls Online, Gcdarko is always ready to help, and share a nice word. We will need members like him to strenghen our guild in ESO and achieve our objectives.
Gc contributed to the community by offering this video opening to use for guild movies. Not only he toke the time to create it, but also had to learn the program to be able to make it!
Thank you GC, we hope you find in Whitestar the home you were hoping for! We wish your health to improve and to be very happy! Take care!

No wonder @Zorless has become a great friend of GC, they share this love for ESO and the will to help the guild to flourish and grow. @Zorless has shown a great dedication to the guild. Being the most active player in ESO, he prove his friendship by his patience and loyalty. Always willing to help, his presence bring a needed vitality to the guild.
He decided to organise a Dungeon event that didn't happened yet, but that has a kickass trailer!
Thank you Zorless! We hope to see your activity and dedication being properly rewarded very soon!

Alike Vonblack @HelstaagRus prove his friendship by making the effort of playing on European servers to spent time with us! Friendly, always up for anything, Helstaag have a strong, solid presence in the guild, despise the time zone difference! I spent many great evening, fighting in Dungeons alongside him, I really hope to share some more moments like those!
To prove his friendship, Helstaag share with us this beautiful, moving poem, describing the Whitestar spirit!
Thanks Helstaag! We wish the best life possible and to spent more time together!

@Lahndon had immediately be part of the family. He is easy going, funny, chat easily and is always ready to take part of guild activities. Lately he choose to preorder Wildstar aswell, to spent more time with the community, and both guilds, ESO and Wildstar have earn a great buddy!
Lahndon gift is an impressive list of crafting materials that will be very handy for our Crafting Fair in ESO!
Thanks Lahndon! Your friendship is very precious! We hope you to very happy and share moment with us!

It's a great moment to realise that we have win such good friends in so little time!