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really really funny thing happen when i hit up titan fight through the duty finder...

Titan Primal Lets Count the Failures
so took duty finder for this titan primal fight when....

screwing around in the proving grounds and get gold in dps on my full pvp geared warrior... what?

Proving Grounds Gold in Full Pvp Gear
so this was a little harder than i thought it was gonna be when i read about what this was. as a warrior you …

and this is a shorter version in game showing what talents and glyph im taking this time around

5 4 for warriors the shorter story
k so other one is so long no ones gonna watch it... and i leave out glyphs and shit and fail to go over what i …

5.4 came out! finally .... for WoW

really long 5.4 patch notes rant
tried to make it a short video... but theres lots to talk about whatever man... no ones gonna watch this whole …

so i been little busier with the videos lately gonna lay a bunch on ya

so here is the primal ifrit fight regular mode

Final Fantasy XIV Ifrit Primal Fight (SPOILER)
SPOILERS YO! so i show the fight i think it has some interesting mechanics and stuff and shows you how final …

yes this is a thing...

how to defeat ff14 login boss
how to kill the bastard...

so ive gotten into this new game Final Fantasy 14 ARR and its pretty fun check the full intro to the game that plays when you afk the start menu

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn: Full Intro Cinematic
believe square titled this "End of an Era" this is what plays if you afk the at the menu screen when you start …

new vid how to quickly get the new full honor gear coming out in 5.4 using the commendations from the honor rares in a new way ive not seen anyone mention

Get Full Honor Gear Day 1 New Patch
just as title says you can potentially get full set of the new honor gear at start of the new patch with this …

i finally beat the bastard

Brawler's Guild Rank7 Dark Summoner
addons i use basicchatmods , debuff filter, errorfilter , icehud , quarts , bg targets , gladiatorlossa , …

had a hard time with dark summoner in brawlers guild lol...

RNG Fails in Brawlers Guild Dark Summoner
trying to beat this dark summoner in brawlers guild i got raped by RNG a billion times music used BENT - Jump …

is this retarded? i feel like i might be retarded... i had fun making it though lol :P

fuck it yolo my swagger is just too potent for you!

No ActionBars (Handlebars Flobots Warcraft Parody)
so i heard this song while bg'ing listening to music and got this idea :) clips are from 2 games i recorded …

more of me crying like a fat friendless nerd this time about hunters and traps

Ive Got Plenty of Rage! (ep2)
if any class right now is capable of inducing rage its the hunter... lol