To celebrate Whitestar 3d Anniversary, we have gathered in Stros M'Kai. The warm sand, the blue sky, the soft breeze reminded us the first days of Whitestar in Tamriel when everything started on that very same beach.
Not the same poeple than3 years ago were gathered though! @torhagen @boinged @Chillama @Dragostea @Neny @Maggie-one @MCFranks @Elloa and @PhunkeyMonkeh were present, drinking delicate wine, dancing and playing music.

We spent a little bit of time together before to travel to the houses freshly decorated by our guildmates. Indeed, tonight was not only a day of celebration, but also a contest for who would have the most beautiful home. We started to gather at Neny's place, and Elloa & Nicky distributed the gifts for everyone: a pie and a mystery-painting.

It was really fun to visit the houses of everyone and see how everyone had decorated their place. Some were very impressive, even the most modest homes.
We spent quite some good time in @Gyudan home, on the (awful - evil) jumping puzzle and we ended the night at @Wolle0rism We didn't forget to turn off all the light when we left his home.

Neny's cozy place

Art gallery at Boinged

Praying Azura in Chillama's palace

Dragostea treasure tower

Maggie's elegant room

McFrank adventurer shack

Gyudan majestuous entrance


Wolle desert garden