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Male, lives in Berlin, Germany

About Wolle0rism

Wolle Wollkowski, a gamer for too many years now and casual streamer.
I started with playing on a Amiga500 these days on a friends machine and later i played all those nice consoles like NES, SNES, Playstation etc.
After moving to Berlin in '98, i bought my first PC and my Multiplayer "career" had begun. :D

Gaming history (in chronological order):
» Delta Force was my first online Multiplayer Game i've ever played in '98
» Return to Castle Wolfenstein
» Medal of Honor
» Americas Army: Operations
» Grand Theft Auto Series
» Call of Duty Series
» Battlefield Series
» World of Warcraft almost 10 years
» Arma 2/3 (including DayZ Mod, Epoch, Origins and Exile)
» The Elder Scrolls Online
» ARK: Survival Evolved

I play every game i want to play or i'm interested in. I'm more the multiplayer type of player, that's why i dont played that much awesome games like the Elder Scrolls Series or Fallout Series.

Last updated Jan 30, 2016, 6:01:45 PM