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World of Tanks

Online Shooter
Oct 30, 2010
World of Tanks is a multiplayer online game in which the player can control different vehicles to fight in random battles, team-training battles, tank-company battles, and clan battles. The basic mode of the game is team deathmatch / capture the flag.


There are no moderators for this game yet. If you are interested in moderating World of Tanks please get in touch with us!
schlurcher (BAD)
EU|Rank 2,004|9,820 Rating|12,136 Battles
Crytis (Tarz)
EU|Rank 2,339|9,756 Rating|15,304 Battles
EU|Rank 20,522|8,317 Rating|23,952 Battles
ZeD__ (ZeD)
EU|Rank 120,830|6,541 Rating|10,532 Battles
LeapusSEO (LeapusGames)
NA|Rank 79,473|5,125 Rating|7,491 Battles
star_union (StarUnion)
EU|Rank 581,978|4,156 Rating|5,724 Battles
Kewdiack (Kodiak383)
EU|Rank 688,633|3,828 Rating|2,691 Battles
EU|Rank 691,604|3,812 Rating|2,005 Battles
KeijiKage (Cipher)
NA|Rank 171,242|3,774 Rating|2,114 Battles
EU|Rank 849,410|3,427 Rating|3,018 Battles
NA|Rank 211,996|3,380 Rating|2,366 Battles
Potato_Power (davidmuller)
EU|Rank 900,461|3,168 Rating|2,425 Battles
EU|Rank 1,078,459|2,774 Rating|1,082 Battles
marcusj211 (Mack3h)
EU|Rank 1,174,665|2,638 Rating|1,194 Battles
NA|Rank 281,700|2,601 Rating|1,965 Battles