I'm very happy to announce that our first COMMUNITY TRIAL was very fun and enjoyable. And I believe that everyone left satisfied.

The event started in the most chaotic way, with a huge patch that had to be downloaded and that delayed several players. We also didn't had news from two members that never showed off. We gave them enough time to join the game before to decide to replace them (in case they were stuck with the download of the patch). We easily find two extra players in the Guild Alith.
Everyone gathered on Discord, and the conversations were warmhearted and relaxed. We engaged the first Dro M'Athra some 40 min later than planed, but no matter. We had some time to prepare and get acquainted.

We didn't encountered any problems on the trash or the first bosses. We only wiped once on the second boss, the time to figure out the exact strategy. We were very surprised and happy about our victory. We continued our adventures, until the last boss, on wich we had several attempts. It toke us a little time to understand how the boss was working and what we needed to do. We didn't managed to get a kill, but next time, we will prevail!

Thanks to everyone that was part of the event
Our tanks @Wynbjorn and @boinged, @Gribbly that helped to lead and share tactics, @MCFranks and his fabulous hat @torhagen @Dragostea @Laplace @Dandar @hlaadriel and two other Alith