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Blaugust Day 29 - Multi-topic Edition!

I wasn't really sure what to write about, so I took on three topics and delivered them in smaller chunks. Trove, LOTRO transfers, and my likely new F2P additions to my library.

Blaugust Day 27 - D&D Alignment Quiz

After noticing several others take it on, and deciding I wanted to actually post something today, I took the D&D Alignment quiz. Results? Check it out!

Day 25 - Tablet Tuesday (Idle Progression Games)

I talk about two idle progression games I played on my tablet for Tablet Tuesday - Tap Titans and Cow Evolution.

Blaugust Day 18 - Deep Loot

As a part of my Tablet Tuesday, I did a short review on the treasure hunting title, Deep Loot.

Blaugust, Day 16 - Tapping for a Trove

Today I go back to write a bit about Trion's voxel, Trove. I made a post during the game's beta during last year's Blaugust, so I thought it was only proper to do an update.

Tapping for a Trove

Blaugust 15 - Liebster Madness!

In which I answer Fredelas' Liebster query - sorry for the wait!

Liebster Madness!

Blaugust Day 13

Just a short post on why I was gone for a week or so. Hoping to get back into posting a bit more frequently, cheers!

The Absence of the Wayward