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Male, 23 years old, lives in Queenstown, New Zealand

Zyvaron shared a post by Tomberkin

I want to clear up some things about @UberDanger and my opinion on the whole issue.


TL;DR - I talk about my opinion on the Reddit Ring issue and Uber's personal life being shared. Read it you fuckers.


First of all, The Reddit Ring.

IMO, it was a hella scummy thing to do and even Uber himself said he deserves some backlash for that because it was fucked up. Anyone who's anyone can see that it was fucked up but at the end of the day that's all I see wrong with it.


Next up, The "Pedophile" accusation.

The first thing that needs to be said about this... Who the fuck makes these things up? You do realize HOW TERRIBLE it is to say anything like this about someone right?


My main issue with this is it was completely 100% A RANDOM ACCUSATION. This had no relevance to the video that was calling out the Reddit Ring and the abuse of the Reddit system. Literally Gnarsies and vvvortic just grabbed some tweets of Uber's and stated he was a Pedophile (basically).

The actual story is that Uber was 18 and he had sex with a 16 year old... BUT in Denmark (where they were at the time) the age of consent is 15 so it was 100% consensual.


Next, Why are we bring in someones complete personal life to an issue about Abusing Reddit's system. I don't understand the relevance. It's like bringing a WoW character to a TERA commercial. The two have nearly no connection.


Lastly, The Community Backlash.

Do I think he deserves to lose Subs? MAYBE... But only if people are seriously upset about the fact that he was doing scummy shit with the Reddit Ring. If people are unsubscribing because of his sexual life. Then honestly those are not subscribers I would want personally so I doubt he wants them either.


To sum it all up. I think the ONLY thing wrong with the Uberdanger issue is the Reddit Ring (WHICH HE IS NOT A PART OF ANYMORE). Personally the whole issue is fucking stupid and it saddens me to see Uber affected by it.

  • Apr 22, 2015, 3:45:24 PM

Having sex is cool. Braggin about having sex on the internet is not. Uber acted like an attention deficit teen for no reason. He's(was) immature and dumb. Everybody loves to have sex, sure, but your sexual "adventures" are something that you only tell to your close friends or just keep it to yourself if you don't want to come off as a boastful retard. And you don't tell it because this happens, especially on the internet. Loadsa justice warriors will try to make it into a situation about morals and law and shit.

What Uber did was to take a one night stand. That's all. (Probably)No strings attached. And he either thinks about it as a big personal achievement (which is perfectly understandable, but it's unfortunately not one) or just thinks he's a big guy from it. tl;dr he's just immature and he was dumb. he'll grow out of it. what he did is just being a teen.

  • Apr 24, 2015, 2:52:49 AM

@Leona The age of consent varies so much throughout the world that no one age can be said to be inherently "wrong". Personally, i believe that 16, as the age of consent is here in New Zealand, is about as low as i would want it to be, but in places, Germany for example, the age of consent is 14. And Germany isn't the only place to have it this low.

What Uber did was, for one, entirely personal and two, entirely within his rights at the time. He broke no law that was applicable at the time, and even had it taken place in America, it would still have only been classed as a Misdemeanor.

Have you ever got a speeding ticket or trespassed somewhere? Then (mind you, this is IF it had taken place in the USA) you're as bad as Uber. You filthy human being, you.

But seriously, the only thing that should have ever been brought against him was the Reddit Ring thing.

  • Apr 24, 2015, 2:53:18 AM

Disclaimer: i mean no age, within reason.

Zyvaron wrote

Anyone keen to play some smite? :D

Add me, Zyvaron


Aaaaaaaaaaaand its offline...

After waiting an hour and half in ques, then playing enough to get me hooked >_<

Ah well, do i stay up the extra 3 hours (4am NZ)? hmmm....


Waiting for server ques. #only20minleft?

Clearly quite popular on launch day >_>


Name's Zyvaron, play on the OCE servers, Jungle main (Vi all the way baby) but can ADC or Mid. Really keen to join a team, not cause "*blah blah* bad teammates" but cause i wanna experience some good competitive 5v5's.

Awesome guys, hope too see some of you soon yeah? ;)


Zyvaron wrote